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Thoughtful Tokens: Meaningful Gifts for Your Valued Team

Thoughtful Tokens: Meaningful Gifts for Your Valued Team

Are you looking for gift ideas for your employees? There are so many options that it can take time to narrow them down. If you want help choosing a thoughtful token for your team, you’ve come to the right place!

We gathered all of the best meaningful gift ideas for your team in this post. Keep reading; you’ll have no trouble choosing your next present to let a colleague know you care.

1. Self-Care Packages

First, self-care or wellness gift boxes are a great choice. You can assemble them yourself as a DIY project or order premade options. The gift boxes can include soft blankets, coffee or tea, soaps, and snacks. 

You’ll want to include a thoughtful note to make your employee feel appreciated.

2. Personalized Corporate Gifts

Next, you can offer your workers surprise personalized corporate gifts. These gifts can be nameplates, fancy pens, and custom mugs. You can include names or corporate logos and designs on the items to make them more thoughtful.

Corporate gifts always go over well. They create a sense of community and make everyone feel like they’re on a team. You’ll want to ensure your employees have plenty of customized gifts to put on their desks and around the workplace.

These gifts can help your employees add a touch of their personality to their space and remind them of their accomplishments and importance to the rest of the team whenever they see them.

3. A Team-Building Retreat

You can also take your team out on a retreat. You can include plenty of fun, relaxing activities for everyone to do together. While there, ensure you let them know how important they are to the company. You’ll have an opportunity to bond and learn more about one another.

The retreat can feature plenty of team-building exercises and workshopping, allowing your colleagues to learn and grow professionally. 

Some retreat ideas include hiking, cooking, gaming, and more. The adventures you can have with your team are endless.

4. Surprise Subscription Services

person holding remote pointing at TV

You could also pay for your employees to receive a surprise subscription. For example, you can give someone you want to reward for an accomplishment a subscription to Hulu, Netflix, or something else. So many different services are available online today, giving you plenty to pick from.

You’ll want to choose a subscription that interests the worker. If they already have access to streaming services, you can gift them a magazine subscription or even a gym membership.

5. Offer Skill Development

When you invest more time and effort into building your team, they’ll know you truly appreciate them. You can offer specialized training, workshops, and more for employees who want to reach all their career goals.

Skill development can mean many different things, so you’ll want to consider what those in your industry could benefit the most from. You want to see your team succeed as professionals, so consider what skills they need to work on to advance on this career path.

6. Host a Meal

You can also provide catering to your employees as a special luncheon. You’ll want to ensure you know what food your employees like the most and whether anyone has any allergies. Many local catering places can offer pricing unique to the amount of people you need to feed, making it a great option. 

You could also order food or even hold an employee potluck. No matter what you do, make sure that you take some time to acknowledge and congratulate your team members during the event. It’s a great time to make special announcements about accomplishments since your team will be in one place.

7. Commission an Artist

Why not commission a local artist? You can ask a photographer or painter to create something that captures a special moment for your team. It’s a unique way to show everyone that you appreciate them.

Then, make sure to display the art in the workplace. You can hang paintings in the office or give your staff each a photo to display on their desk. They’ll be reminded of that moment and feel appreciated whenever they see it.

Ask your team if they know of any artists in the area. You might be surprised at who can find this way.

8. Put Together a Memory Scrapbook

You could also assemble a scrapbook of all your memories as a team. You’ll want to include plenty of images of your employees’ accomplishments so they can feel recognized for their hard work.

In the scrapbook, you can include special notes and other small mementos, like travel tickets and postcards. You should leave some pages blank so your team members can fill in the rest of the books as you make more memories together.

9. Gift a Surprise Bonus

Bonuses are one of the most significant incentives for employees. If you offer surprise bonuses for accomplishments, your team will be much more motivated.

Monetary gifts can show appreciation and let your team know you value them. So, this type of thoughtful token can also make your team much more loyal to your company.

10. Custom Trophies and Plaques

You can give your team special, personalized trophies or plaques to recognize their achievements. These items can be a reminder of their efforts and make them feel appreciated for a moment anytime they see them.

You’ll want to choose custom options so you can write the employee’s name and their specific achievement on the plaque.

11. Host a Game Night

person holding black game controller

Game nights can be fun and let your team unwind and bond. You can play board games or cards in person. You could also hold a virtual game night and let your team participate from the comfort of their homes.

You only need to get everyone on a call together and play video games over the internet. It’s an excellent option for remote workers to join the fun!

Meaningful Gifts for Your Team

When you value your team, you must let them know. These thoughtful tokens will make them feel appreciated, which can help to keep them motivated and happy at work.

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