Thorstarter Works With Skyrim Finance To Create Their ‘Decentralized VC’ Launchpad


The team at Thorstarter has again reiterated their commitment to supporting blockchain-driven projects, with the recent collaboration with Skyrim Finance to launch their first initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO). The move will help Skyrim Finance, the first multichain decentralized marketplace to blend both leveraged and fixed-rate APY, to introduce more structured products to DeFi, ultimately helping more people and businesses to leverage blockchain products.

We are thrilled to be able to help the Skyrim Finance team access deep liquidity through Thorstarter’s IDO platform,” says compound22, co-founder of Thorstarter. “We firmly believe that the THORChain ecosystem will be a perfect complement for investors on Skyrim Finance who are seeking a stronger, more diversified APY when investing in a multi-chain world.

Skyrim Finance is the first multichain decentralized structured finance marketplace, with the aim of building the robo-advisor of DeFi ecosystem,” says SkyrimFinance. “The objective of Skyrim Finance is to help investors of different profiles have risk-adjusted return through fixed-rate and leveraged-yield DeFi products.”

The global blockchain industry has evolved over the years, as more people and businesses continue to enter the fray to enjoy the groundbreaking solutions of the technology. Unfortunately, thousands of solutions providers have not been able to get their products to the world, usually due to difficulty in accessing the needed resources, especially liquidity. However, Thorstarter looks ready to change this narrative as substantiated by the recent IDO launch for Skyrim Finance.

The goal of Thorstarter is to create an entirely democratized financial network with features and functionalities similar to a venture capital firm in a decentralized fashion. The launchpad platform also plans to expand on the existing THORChain ecosystem and provide an alternative avenue for cryptocurrency projects to kickstart and achieve needed liquidity without paying commissions or entry fees.

Skyrim Finance has chosen Thorstarter as the ideal partner to work on the ‘decentralized VC’ launchpad, as the company seeks to expand their reach. The company is set to introduce structured products to DeFi, applying the popular-as-of-late instruments to help investors earn higher returns. Skyrim Finance aims to help different categories of investors to have risk-adjusted returns, with the goal of building a Robo-advisor that can devise the right kind of risk-adjusted return customized for each investor. In a related development, Skyrim Finance has embarked on several fundraisers, with the most recent one being a $2.1 million round in May.

Thorstarter has become the toast of blockchain enthusiasts in recent times, with the launchpad offering users a dual opportunity to be a part of democratized governance voting on projects launching and a retail token purchase. Some of the projects on Thorstarter include liquidity grants, community marketing assistance, multi-chain liquidity access, and cross-chain reach.

Thorstarter is expected to launch its next project BNPL in mid-September. Thorstarter can also be found across social media, including Twitter and Medium.

About Thorstarter

Thorstarter is a decentralized protocol created to increase and relay liquidity through the native Thorchain network. The platform serves as both Venture DAO and launchpad for the THORChain ecosystem, investing in and launching the top up and coming projects in DeFi and THORfi. The launchpad is designed to allow users to efficiently and safely swap long-tail crypto assets and allows any smart contract enabled blockchain to access liquidity from any other Thorchain-compatible chain. ThorStarter acts as an IDO platform for new projects, providing them with deep liquidity right from the start, while also enabling existing projects to reach investors and participants across multiple blockchains by creating a liquidity pool for their token paired with XRUNE. Thorstarter complements the ThorChain ecosystem, and benefits from its liquidity and capabilities, while also extending its utility.

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