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Shop Thobias Is Offering Woman Stylish Clothing At Great Prices

Fashion is no longer just pieces of clothing put together to assemble an outfit, it is an art form of individual expression. People often convey their personality or mood through what they are wearing, creating a style and brand that tells a story about that individual. As the retail industry becomes cheaper and more accessible, it can be an arduous endeavor to find clothing that is high in quality, and stylish at the same time. Thobias is the new fashion brand that is here to solve this dilemma.

Kevin Thobias is a serial entrepreneur that is widely recognized for turning a 6X profit from Tesla stock, turning two million into twelve million, as well as other successful ventures. Thobias is now applying his business savvy into his latest venture, newly minted fashion label, Thobias. Kevin Thobias specifically created this label to focus on a women’s unique style.

If a consumer purchases clothing that is inexpensive, the quality of the materials will often be subpar. If a consumer purchases a brand name item, the quality of the materials is often poor. This is evidenced by the duration of how long the clothing will last, as it may look great for a week or two for going out to nice events, but after it is washed several times, the quality will begin to substantially decline. Thobias seeks to create a brand where women don’t have to settle, and his brand is a reflection of this desire. Thobias has European-style designs that have both quality and cost-efficiency, such components are sure to make Thobias a noteworthy name in women’s fashion for the foreseeable future.

Once a certain style becomes popular, many brands like to implement this style into their clothing, such brands are also keen on repeating designs several times over. Thobias wants to revolutionize this model of online retail with new and authentic clothing. Another great thing about Thobias is that the clothing will not be made in countries with cheap labor costs like China, but designed in London and produced in Los Angeles. Thobias is targeting a demographic of successful consumers who look to exude great style while adhering to high quality. Thobias will focus on stunning dresses for a multitude of events, from chic cocktail parties to friendly gatherings.

Thobias is set to debut in May 2021, offering modern women stylish clothing at a great price.

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