This week in Tech History: Microsoft Shows Us The Surface

Technology keeps changing every day. However, it is essential to look back in time to see how far we’ve come. This week is all about Microsoft Surface devices. 

Microsoft and Apple have always had differences in their products. Apple however focused on making their own computers unlike Microsoft. There are many Windows PC available in dozens of companies but it wasn’t the same for Microsoft. Many of these are compatible with the betway app. Apple later had to promote it’s tight hardware system which was exclusively made for the software. For a long time, it didn’t seem likely that Microsoft will make its own Windows hardware until June 18th, 2012 when they unveiled the original Surface line.

The Surface and Surface Pro both resembled the iPad but Microsoft focused on tablets. The devices first came with keyboard cover accessories and they were more preffered because they did a better job than the iPad. iPad already had keyboard support from the go but the keyboard-and-mouse control were more compatible with the Surface and Windows in 2012.

The Surface was the first time a tablet was designed with a detachable keyboard accessory. It had a simple usage; just using it with the keyboard to complete Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations. The details was not so clear and the first Surface devices didn’t quite get it right.

The first Surface was sold in October. But there were some issues with it. The Surface has a relatively low-resolution screen. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio and this makes it quite difficult to use in portrait mode. The device comes with the Windows RT software but you are only permitted to use apps from the Windows Store. It may not be sure if you can get the betway app on the Windows store yet. Although they accommodated full versions of Microsoft Office, the software has only limited uses. This made it difficult to sell out, because it was not better as a tablet than an iPad and it had less capacity than the other Windows-powered laptops.

The Surface Pro, came on the February of 2013 but with its own troubles. But it had its own advantages because it came with a better screen than the standard surface and supports accessories like the Surface Pen. It ran a full version of Windows 8 and was compatible with the many kinds of software that Microsoft made available for its main OS. It was not so useful as a tablet and not so convenient to use on the lap. However, Microsoft has made a lot of improvements, the Surface is currently the best laptop/tablet hybrid and their products are no longer easily copied.

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