This project got funded on Kickstarter on its launch day.

Before they’re all gone, get your hands on the record-breaking fully-funded GillyGro backpack.

The GillyGro Backpack is a one-of-a-kind 5-in-1 backpack for active parents that includes a dining booster seat, exercise mat, wide carryall, huge storage, and detachable mat, all in one easy to carry a backpack.

What about a backpack that serves as a dining booster seat for the child, a picnic mat, or both, all of this is now possible with GillyGro Backpack. Suphy is a visionary parent and businesswoman from California. She recently created on Kickstarter a groundbreaking 5-in-1 backpack for active parents that includes a child’s dining booster seat, activity mat, and much more. The ingenious all-in-one backpack, dubbed “GillyGro,” has already raised 100% of its financing target.

GillyGro is the FIRST-of-its-kind backpack for active parents. It’s not just a backpack. It’s a backpack and so much more. A portable dining booster seat, a picnic/activity mat, a big carryall, a napping space, and a huge detachable mat are all included in this 5-in-1 backpack.

“Going out with our children is always amazing for us as parents, but we can’t deny that going out with a baby is usually a difficult undertaking. There is always a lot to pack, and it’s impossible to fit everything into a single standard backpack. Furthermore, most existing backpacks are big or excessively feminine in appearance or don’t compliment the parents’ attire. Dads don’t want to carry them because they’re usually full of girlie pastels. I, too, had my bad days with conventional backpacks as a parent. I wanted to locate or bring something that could alleviate all of these issues with a single answer,” Suphy, the originator, claimed, “And thus, GillyGro was born.”

“With GillyGro, parents will be able to pack everything they need for a full day out with their children in one bag. Thanks to the sleek and sophisticated design, dads won’t be embarrassed to carry them either.”

“GillyGro is a children’s product brand. Our mission is to simplify the early years of parenthood with products that allow moms and dads to enjoy time with their precious little ones without some of the stresses that go along with it.” –  Carolyn

Parents can avoid using public germy high chairs and activity boards for their children by using the GillyGro dining booster seat and activity mat. The dining booster seat has an excellent 5-point harness safety design that will keep the youngster safe as the parents enjoy mingling with friends and family once more. The broad and roomy detachable mat can be used as a nap mat for babies and a diaper change mat.

Parent-friendly features include a foldable backpack organizer, key clip strap, magnetic flap, and more.

GillyGro has already received positive feedback from a small group of users:

“After testing this backpack, I am blown away at the careful thought put into the design. With large storage compartments, I am able to pack everything I need for a day out with my kids. One thing I had overlooked is BYOB – bring your own booster! GillyGro allows you to be organized and efficient and look stylish at the same time.” – Brandiann.

“This weekend me, Declan and Oliver went to the Trafford centre for a bit of shopping.

We stopped for lunch in the food court but it was so busy!! We struggled to get a table but finding a highchair was impossible. Luckily we had our GillyGro backpack. I used the booster seat function and it was a lifesaver. It was super easy to set up and with its 5 point harness I knew Oliver would be safe in it.” – Ellen.

“I absolutely adore the GillyGro Backpack. It’s incredibly useful and convenient, and I love that it comes with a built-in highchair that I can use at a restaurant or at a friend’s house. I also like how I can unzip the extra-large mat. I’ve never seen a diaper bag for moms and dads that is both functional and classy, sleek, and beautiful! I really enjoy how GillyGro isn’t your usual ‘diaper bag!'” – Kimia

Exclusive Kickstarter discounts on GillyGro 5-in-1 backpacks will be given to backers.

To help bring this extremely useful 5-in-1 backpack into the hands of every parent, please back up the project at


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