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This No-Typing CRM AI Tool is Making Headlines in the Sales Sector… Here’s Why

Every sales rep knows that manual admin work is the biggest productivity killer. Nowadays, most sales teams dedicate their time to answering emails, attending meetings, and other administrative tasks, slowly but surely veering away from their primary duty: driving sales growth in companies. And for the longest time, this has been a void that employees simply needed to navigate. But as a new generation of modern salespeople emerges, traditional practices are set to be disrupted.

For one, the next-generation sales rep is well-informed about the latest technologies, SaaS tools, and modern methodologies they need to do their job. In fact, they believe that these decade-long problems could be resolved with more resources and more efficient work processes. This puts organizations under the microscope to act upon this and give every sales rep what they deserve.

By leveraging GPT and AI capabilities, sales departments can streamline work processes. Not only does this combat their burnout from constantly multitasking, but it will also serve as the fuel to further drive revenue in the business. This is exactly what Winn.AI has in mind in time for the general availability of their product – a no-typing CRM AI tool that relieves salespeople of tedious and repetitive admin busywork so that they can focus on their customers — not their keyboards.

A Closer Look at Winn.AI

Founded in November 2021 by sales technology entrepreneur Eldad Postan-Koren and cybersecurity expert Bar Haleva, Winn.AI is an Israel-based startup that provides a cutting-edge AI assistant to sales teams. 

This real-time AI assistant empowers sales teams to enhance their ability to secure deals while minimizing, if not completely eliminating manual note-taking and CRM updating. During meetings, the Winn.AI real-time assistant serves as an additional set of hands, enabling salespeople to fully concentrate on their interactions with customers.

For account executives, this translates to more meaningful conversations with prospects and reduced administrative burdens. Sales leaders benefit from having more motivated account executives, a stronger brand presence, accelerated onboarding processes, and, most importantly, increased sales.

Real-Time Tracking

Winn.AI ensures that a predetermined playbook is effectively covered in real-time during video conference meetings. It provides salespeople with the ability to monitor their progress by indicating which talking points have already been addressed and which ones still need attention. The playbooks can be created by the sales leader or based on established sales methods.

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Real-Time Capturing

Winn.AI allows sales representatives to relax their hands and focus solely on the customer, as it utilizes advanced NLP algorithms to automatically capture all the necessary data on their behalf. The salesperson can actively engage in listening without the need to be concerned about note-taking.

CRM Updating

During the meeting, the salesperson can review all the information that was recorded during the call on their meeting screen. They can make any necessary edits to the data and then easily send it to both the CRM system and the customer through a simple button click in a follow-up email. This streamlined process saves time and enhances productivity.

What’s more, Winn.AI equips sales leaders with the necessary framework and methodology. This includes facilitating the smooth adoption of playbooks, seamless onboarding of representatives, and effortless maintenance of CRM data hygiene. 

By leveraging these capabilities, leaders and their teams can maintain consistent alignment, significantly decrease the time required for new account executives to get up to speed, and effortlessly ensure the accuracy and currency of customer records.

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