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This is an introduction to flow meters that you may find useful What is flow meter?

The flow meter is a mechanical device that employs flow sensors and transmitters to measure the amount of gas or liquid passing through it.

The types of flow meters vary according to their principle of operation, applications, accuracy, and capability of measuring different volumes, masses, linear or nonlinear flow, and also whether they are mechanical or digital.

In a variety of industries, flow meters are also known as flow sensors or flow transmitters. They measure the fluid movement in pipes or systems.

How do I choose the right flow meter?

Flow meters are required by varying industries depending on their application, characteristics, or even budgets.

Due to these differences in accuracy, bearable temperatures, measurement and pressure ranges, etc., different types of flow meters are needed.

To choose the right flow meter for an industry, there are various aspects that need to be considered when choosing a flow meter.

China flow meter provides different types of flow meters to meet the needs of their customers, listed below are some of the flow meter types and their applications:

Magnetic flow meter

It is clear from the name that this type of flow meter is used in a pipeline to measure the amount of conductive fluid flowing through the pipe by the use of induction through a magnetic field. This type of flow meter is an ideal choice for corrosive, slurry, acid or rough fluids.

Applications: In industries like wastewater management and municipal sections, these flow meters are very useful. Chemical factories use this type of flow meter to measure various chemical solutions, acid, mud, and other corrosive solutions. With their ability to measure bulk flow, these magnetic flow meters are a big advantage over the other types.

Oval gear flow meter

Fluid volumes are measured using oval gear flow meters when precise and accurate measurements are required.

Flow sensors of this type are described as positive displacement types, capable of operating in harsh environments, and heavy-duty.

Applications: A wide variety of industries use these flow meters, including food, marine, shipbuilding, oil, gas, paper, paint, and petroleum.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

By measuring the exchange of heat and energy between gases and air, these types of flow meters are gas mass flow meters.

Thermal mass flow meter features: The best feature of these types of flow meters is the lack of moving parts, which means that they do not require a great deal of maintenance, which in turn helps to reduce the costs associated with the costs of maintaining these types of flow meters.

Their ability to measure gas, air or compressed air flow is also well known. They can also be used in the largest pipes and tubes.

Ultrasonic flow meters

There are a number of different types of flow meters that measure the volume of fluids and gases based on the radar principle, where the sensor transmits sound waves to the flowing water source and when the sound waves are reflected back, the transmitter measures the velocity based on the reflected waves.

Doppler’s effect is the basis for calculating the flow rate of these flow meters.

Applications: This unique working method is used in order to measure the flow rates of clean water that flow down canals, streams, and rivers. In addition to measuring the flow rates of clean water, these flow meters can also be used to measure the flow rates in saline water such as oceans and seas.

In addition to the Turbine flow meter and Coriolis flow meter, Vortex flow meter, Metal tube variable area flow meter, Differential pressure flow meter, Differential Pressure Flow meter-chino, and any other type of flow meter manufactured by China Pressure Gauge, there are also other types of flow meters manufactured by China Pressure Gauge.

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