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This is a durable large injection molding

The casings of large home appliances that are common in daily life are all made using a large injection molding machine. A large, durable injection molding machine is the core requirement of these processing and manufacturing industries. This article will describe the conditions and features of a large, durable injection molding machine. It will explore all aspects, including design, functionality, and technology.

Technical specifications of large injection molding machines

The clamping force range of large injection molding machines is 1000-2800T because it requires enough force to keep the mold closed under the pressure of the injected plastic. The direct pressure clamping mechanism it adopts can distribute the clamping force in the center of the mold plate so that the deformation of the machine plate is small and the mold is not affected by the deformation of the machine plate. Pressure plates found in large injection molding machines can handle a variety of mold sizes, which are necessary for manufacturing appliance applications, storage containers, and furniture, among others.

Large injection molding machine adopts central four-cylinder mold clamping!

In large injection molding machines, the central four-cylinder clamping system ensures that the clamping force is evenly distributed in the center of the template. The working principle of the central four-cylinder clamping mechanism is straightforward. Four hydraulic cylinders are symmetrically located around the mold and directly drive the movement of the template. The four-cylinder system applies direct clamping force evenly across the entire mold face. This approach minimizes platen deflection, a key factor when injection molding large, complex parts.

Another benefit of the central four-cylinder clamping system is its contribution to machine maintenance and durability. By evenly distributing force and reducing strain on the various components of the machine, this balanced operation can extend the service life of these critical components, reduce downtime due to maintenance and repairs, and thus increase production efficiency.

Use extended sliding feet!

In the design and operation of large injection molding machines, the combination of extended sliding feet can make the template more stable and enable the installation of heavy molds. It is vital in ensuring stability, alignment, and overall operating efficiency. Another key advantage of using extended sliding feet is enhanced vibration control. Large injection molding machines generate significant vibrations, which, if not appropriately managed, can cause accuracy issues in molded parts and accelerate wear on the machine’s mechanical components. The extended sliding feet dampen these vibrations by providing a wider, more stable base to maintain mold alignment and stability during the injection and cooling stages.

Two-way synchronous injection cylinder structure

The two-way synchronous cylinder injection structure in large injection molding machines uses two cylinders that work in coordination to achieve a balanced and controlled injection of molten plastic into the mold cavity and prevent unbalanced loads from damaging the screw and linear rails. Unlike traditional single-cylinder injection, the dual-cylinder configuration ensures that the force exerted on the plastic melt is symmetrical and consistent. In the two-way synchronous injection cylinder structure, we distribute each cylinder on both sides of the machine nozzle, directly aligning with the mold gate. This approach lets us apply pressure directly and evenly across the entire mold, reducing the risk of material warping, sink marks, or other defects associated with uneven pressure application.

Use an independent high-pressure pipeline

Using separate high-pressure lines reduces line loads and, therefore, the risk of oil leaks, allowing these lines to precisely control hydraulic functions, which is critical when dealing with complex mold designs and high-viscosity polymers. Additionally, independent high-pressure lines minimize the risk of cross-contamination or pressure interference between functions by isolating the hydraulic circuit. This is very important in large-scale injection molding. This independent high-pressure line can make troubleshooting and maintenance easier.

Choose this durable large injection molding machine

The durable large injection molding machine relies on the central four-cylinder mold clamping, the use of extended sliding feet, the synchronous injection cylinder structure and their sturdy structure to ensure that whether you are producing large auto parts or large household items, it can achieve high precision and long service life. Not easily deformed.

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