This Emerging Pharmaceutical Company is Bringing Clinically-Driven, Natural CBD Treatment Mainstream

Natural CBD Treatment

 Like all emerging markets, the tremendous hype around CBD as a treatment for a variety of ailments has sparked a race to become the leading industry brand for holistic wellness using THC’s non-intoxicating cousin cannabinoid. However, there is a noticeable gap in clinically-proven results, and anecdotal evidence fueling the rapid rise of CBD-based treatments like tinctures and CBD-infused products. 

Viridian Pharmaceuticals is striving to change that narrative entirely, with a clinically-driven, topical cream delivery treatment for CBD based on a formal clinical roadmap and proven delivery pathway. 

The product, known as Notion, relies on natural therapeutics using the skin as a delivery portal, getting molecules through the skin only previously reached by intravenous (IV) treatments. With formal dosage standards still under rigorous exploration in the CBD sector, Viridian’s proprietary CBD deliver technology may ultimately prove the standard treatment for some of the illnesses that Viridian is targeting — like osteoarthritis and chronic migraines. 

“Our first commercial product, Notion, is based on our proprietary CBD delivery technology,” says Layne Beal, CEO of Viridian. “Our company was born from biopharma and comes from a heritage of clinical studies and R&D, which is what formed the only topical delivery system that has been shown to use the skin as a delivery portal for CBD — an effective alternative to consumers who want to experience the benefits of CBD without having to smoke or ingest it.”

Considering some of the early R&D and clinical evidence of CBD treatments have shown promise in areas ranging from chronic pain to inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, formal clinical initiatives that combine convenient, effective treatment delivery and rigorous testing are critical to the future acceptance of CBD by the medical community. 

And Viridian isn’t simply stopping with Notion and their clinical path investigating alternative treatments for osteoarthritis and chronic migraines either — they have several other commercial products in the pipeline, as well as a clinical path to continue evaluating the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids coupled with their delivery system.

“Our delivery technology bypasses the body’s metabolic processes and is absorbed quickly,” says Beal. “We have performed bioavailability analysis and pharmacokinetic studies on our formulation to demonstrate efficacy, and are excited to look into how CBD coupled with our delivery technology may impact migraines and osteoarthritis, the first two indications we’re planning to investigate.”

We’re on what appears to be the precipice of several clinically-backed breakthroughs in CBD treatments, and beyond the hype, initiatives like Viridian provide a glimpse into a future, mature market of medically-backed CBD treatments. 

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