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This Automated Trading Software Helps Traders Towards Financial Independence

Axel Armani’s PassYourChallenge software helps typical traders pass the FTMO challenge with minimum effort so they can acquire funding and start trading with large capital.

The international foreign exchange market is the biggest financial market in the world, and it offers opportunities for making a profit for all traders, from novices just starting out to seasoned pros with years of experience. The foreign exchange market, abbreviated as FX, is a marketplace for exchanging one country’s currency for another. While it offers trading opportunities for everyone, most average traders are forced to continue trading with small capital due to funding issues, which reaps them very little profit.

Now, the money can be obtained from exclusive companies by overcoming a challenge created by FTMO. However, this is not a simple task. According to FTMO, only about 10% of those who sign up for their famous challenge actually pass it. Conversely, Axel Armani and his team saw a possibility and created software that enables even average traders to pass the FTMO challenge and begin trading with large capital.

PassYourChallenge & Automated Bot

About a year ago, Axel Armani recognized that when bigger accounts traded, they generated significantly bigger profits, which led to greater payouts. However, for average traders to make these profits was impossible as they were short on funding, and as a result, they were limited to making small profits. That’s when he devised a trading strategy that consistently yielded profits. Axel Armani developed trading software based on this strategy with the help of his team. This led to Axel starting his company, PassYourChallenge. 

The software assists average traders to get funding from proprietary firms and begin trading with large capital. After Axel saw the software breaking records and bringing success to traders, he built a team of coders and software developers to turn this strategy into an automated trading bot. Now, the bot does the job on his behalf.

PassYourChallenge focuses on teaching its clients how to use trading software and effective trading strategies while trading in the financial market. The automated bot assists traders in obtaining funding and trading capital worth up to six figures from proprietary firms.

The Company Achievements

In just a few months, PassYourChallenge has expanded to seven figures with the help of the new trading software. The company has become the leader in the market by enabling traders to trade large amounts of capital through the FTMO challenge, which results in higher payouts. To date, the company has helped over 3000 traders achieve six figures in trading capital. 

Axel’s company has become one of the most reputable companies in the trading market. They have been showcasing the results they have generated for their clients on their social media platforms. From then on, they have established a brand-new headquarters in Dubai and have progressed to developing EAs (Expert Advisors) for personal accounts under the brand Forex Automation, allowing users to use automated trading platforms to generate additional income. Axel now aspires to help more entrepreneurs become financially independent with their businesses.

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