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This Accessibility Tech Startup Is Making Public Spaces More Inclusive For The Visually Impaired

Accessibility Tech refers to the technologies that enable people with disabilities or impairments to participate in society equally with others. In recent years we have seen more and more startups provide effective solutions and products that help and contribute to the daily lives of many people who have disabilities.

One startup focusing on helping the visually impaired is RightHear; the company provides talking signage so visually impaired people can interpret and understand their surroundings in real-time. They do that through a free iOS and Android app that connects to over 2,000 accessible locations worldwide. 

RightHear’s solution works both indoors and outdoors and does not require any GPS or internet connection. It’s supportive of any industry, sector, or size of venue, from a Safari Park to a university campus to a hotel to a local eatery, and everything in between. It’s easy for businesses to install, easy to program, and even easier to use.

The solution has three components:

  1. Firstly, Bluetooth-enabled sensors are strategically located throughout the premises. These allow precise location identification to guide users through the venue. And they help identify key points of interest such as restrooms and exits. They can also read out information such as emergency evacuation procedures, menus, or inscriptions on a plaque.
  2. Secondly, an online portal allows the business or organization to program their signage and gain valuable customer insights. Companies can pre-set RightHear notifications or make updates in real-time. They can also analyze the anonymous data to enhance the customer experience. 
  3. Thirdly, as mentioned earlier in the article, a free app is available on both Android and iOS. It is accessible in 26 languages, including Mandarin, Arabic, English, and Spanish.

Collaborations with Big Brands 

RightHear has partnered with leading international brands like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Microsoft, and Costa Coffee to improve accessibility compliance as well as promote inclusion. Here is a video of the app in action. The startup is also continuing to gain traction in the media landscape and has been receiving a significant amount of press mentions recently in leading publications like Newsbreak and The Times Of Israel.


RightHear is led by Co-Founder & CEO Idan Meir. Prior to RightHear, Idan founded Hubanana – one of Israel’s leading tech hubs for startups and entrepreneurs. Idan’s personal story is deeply connected to RightHear’s mission, as when Idan was 18, he joined the Army.

While going through extensive orientation training, he was always the last to complete the tasks because he kept getting lost and disoriented. Later on, while working on another venture that involved scouting shopping malls, he kept getting lost as well. That is when he and his business partner Gil Elgrably realized that they could help serve thousands of people who need help navigating and orienting themselves in public spaces. 

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