Thinkium Will Launch The Next Generation After DeFi

“Defi changes faster in a day than the normal world changes in a year” is used to describe this complex and changeable chaotic world. From the perspective of the evolution of blockchain applications, let’s discuss why the next generation after DeFi is DeCom (Decentralized Commerce) and how could Thinkium support it with unique technology superiority. 

Blockchain Application 1.0 Era | 260,000 Kinds of Cryptocurreny

In 2009, Bitcoin was born and the first cryptocurrency was launched. In 2014, the emergence of Ethereum greatly reduced the issue cost of cryptocurrencies, and the madness led to the issuance of more than 260,000 cryptocurrencies in the Ethereum ecosystem alone in 2017.

2018 was a quiet year.

Blockchain application 2.0 era | DeFi Boom

The financial industry is the most digital field. DeFi project, with smart contracts, perfectly binded the financial business involved in the amount of assets pledged, trading volume and commission rate to the issuance and value growth of the project’s own digital assets. 

However, DeFi still has a potential risk. Whether the digital assets packaged inside DeFi are healthy or not is uncertain.

Therefore, the problems of digital assets in 1.0 era are not truly solved in this era (2.0 era). Instead, it is overshadowed by the prosperity of DeFi. Everyone is immersing in the carnival of building financial Lego and the inner core problems have not been paid attention to and resolved. 

Blockchain application 3.0 era | DeCom Emerges

In order to completely solve problems, DeCom has added the link of “business data and rules on the chain”on the basis of DeFi. Each business entity is actually “listed” when it join the blockchain network. It is because all the people can directly see their business data and rules, which are transparent and unmodifiable.

Digital assets will be generated with the growth of business (commercial mining). The value of digital assets can be easily distinguished and clearly measured by the future value and the development trend of the business entity.

With the increase of commercial credibility, commercial digital assets will receive a premium of commercial credit on the basis of DeFi, which in turn will further promote the rapid growth of the business entity. This is similar to that a listed company can use the asset premium that everyone brings to its business growth and credibility, to accelerate its development. Moreover, it can further expand and consolidate its business. In the future, each commercial entity on the chain will enjoy the benefits of the blockchain.

The coming DeCom era is also faced with unprecedented challenges. One of the most critical one is that as the DeCom ecosystem becomes more and more prosperous, its requirements for the technical performance of the underlying public chain infrastructure will become higher. Besides, the increase of expense brought by the improvement of technology cannot exceed the growth of the business ecosystem itself.

However, none of existing mainstream public chains can meet these requirements for public chains in the DeCom era.

Business is destined to grow indefinitely. As an infrastructure, the public chain must satisfy the load and operation of unlimited growth of business data and rules. 

Just at this time, Thinkium shows up.

Thinkium is an all-around public blockchain network, which achieves unlimited scalability at a linear cost by running through a multi-layer multi-chain structure and integrating Layer1 + Layer2 technologies (layered and parallel subchains, homogeneous and heterogeneous cross-chains, sharding, EVM and asset bridge, etc.)

Thinkium takes unique design of a multi-layer multi-chain structure, which can theoretically achieve unlimited scalability and facilitate Internet level large-scale applications through the separation of subchains from the main chain, inheritance of child-chains from their parent-chain, intra-chain sharding, and cross-chain communications.

Thinkium’s current TPS has reached 100,000+. Based on the underlying secured consensus network of Thinkium, any user can build and customize the industry public blockchain for their own businesses. Based on the unique features of Thinkium’s main chain, such as low cost, high efficiency cross-chain, unlimited performance extension, and high concurrency of complex contracts, the applications of industrial public chain can also be infinitely extended, gradually filling the gap between the physical business world and the digital world to launch a new business world of Web 3.0.

It is committed to becoming the underlying infrastructure of all the blockchain at the beginning of its design. Its currently achieved performance under linear cost is infinitely expandable, and it will be able to truly support the unlimited growth demands of the DeCom era. It means that no matter how business grows infinitely, Thinkium can support large-scale and complex application scenarios well. Up to now, dozens of DeCom projects have been implemented on Thinkium.

It’s been reported that many community members believe that Thinkium will become the most powerful public chain in future, can support hundreds of millions of user-scale application scenarios. It will truly promote the development of the entire blockchain industry.

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