Thinkium Is Highly-praised As The Most Competitive Public Block Chain Of WEB 3.0 Era

According to the report of professional block-chain media CoinSpeaker, public chain new star Thinkium has aroused hot discussion on Reddit, the largest blockchain technology community all over the world. Due to its comprehensiveness in integrating layer1+layer2 technologies and its unique “multi-layer multi-chain” structure, Thinkium is considered to be “the most competitive in the Web 3.0 infrastructure race”.

Polkadot, Solana, Dfinity and similar public blockchain projects have all claimed to be the infrastructure of the future Internet since 2018, but their realistic capabilities have not yet matched their vision unfortunately. On the contrary, Thinkium, which already has a powerful performance and mature technical construct, with unique technical barriers, will be the most likely “killer” public chain to implement large-scale Internet-level applications in reddit-community’s expectation.

Reddit community followers came to a conclusion that Thinkium takes unique design of a multi-layer multi-chain structure, which can theoretically achieve unlimited scalability through the separation of subchains from the main chain, inheritance of child-chains from their parent-chain, intra-chain sharding, and cross-chain communications.

In terms of cross-chain assets, the current giant of field Polkadot still relies on the increasing number of chains to extend, and single chains are difficult to be extended. In comparison with Polkadot, Thinkium supports both extensions of multiple chains and intra-chain sharding, given a better solution.

In terms of performance, Thinkium currently reaches 100,000+ TPS, much higher than the Solana, which was previously claimed to have the highest performance in public block-chain field.

In terms of transaction confirmation speed, due to the algorithm, DFINITY forks more probably as the network latency increases. Transactions require multiple block confirmations, and the average practice confirmations take 7.5 seconds. Thinkium forms a complete set of consensus protocol stack suitable for multi-layer multi-chain structure. The deterministic consensus algorithm can achieve fast completion of trade confirmation in about 3 seconds.

In addition to high performance and leading technology, Thinkium has a very comprehensive technology stack. By integrating various technologies of Layer1 + Layer2, Thinkium supports layered and parallel subchains, isomorphism and heterogeneous cross-chain, sharding, EVM and asset bridge, and can be fully connected to all current digital assets in the blockchain world to allow their efficient circulations.

According to the interview of Coin Speaker, Reddit community members have a confirmed and optimistic consensus on the development of Thinkium. “As the ecosystem evolves, Thinkium may become the leader in the era of Web 3.0. Let us witness the dawn of a new era.”

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