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Things you should and shouldn’t do when dealing with office removalists in Melbourne

Do you think office moving is hectic?

If yes, then you are in the right hand. Moving can be a nightmare because it takes much physical strength and time. Especially Office Removal, as it is the most stressful moving. Moving to a new office is similar to moving to a new home. You have large, heavy furniture, hard-packed electronics, and multiple rooms to pack up. And here, you can assign Removalists Melbourne for your smooth removal.

An office transfer does a lot of work regardless of the size of your company. Moving home is stressful, but some agree that moving to an office is more stressful. From office chairs, desks, and office supplies, not to mention all the stuff you need to organise and help you settle down after moving. If you are trying to navigate, follow these tips to make the process as easy as possible.

Things you should do while dealing with office removalists

Early Planning: You need to start the planning process early and share who will do what, how they will do it, and when it will be done. Otherwise, you may find yourself shaking at the last minute, and no one wants to be in the office all night throwing a stapler in a box or trying to figure out how to get a dozen giant printers ready for transportation. You will also plan where things will go when you arrive at your new office. Use a blueprint to figure out office and general space layouts and any new needs you may have.

Assign a Move Manager: If you share the task, it is still important to have a designated move manager who can facilitate and follow each step so things progress. Usually, the best person for this is an administrative assistant, but you can also choose to hire someone who has an experience in commercial transfer. In this case, you can take help from Melbourne Movers.

Update your new Postal address every sight: It is better to update your suppliers and customers about your decision to remove your new company address. Always update your business card, website, letterhead, and social media sites. And update them when the normal business resumes. In addition, contact Google to get your address, and the online listing changes every month, leading to your transfer. You can assign Best Movers Melbourne for your smooth removals.

Secure your Data: During the transfer process, you never know what might happen to your files and hardware. You may lose essential documents on a damaged server or hard drive. Therefore, it is necessary to back up your documents and secure your data from damage and violations during removal.

Talk to Your Employees: one of the most important office transfer tips you need to consider is talking with your employees. Make sure your staff is up-to-date with ongoing plans and schedules. Inform them about important changes and procedures in the new business premises. A professional Removalists Melbourne can be your best option in this field to organise. You can also encourage them by creating a running checklist and ensuring all the required fields are covered and nothing is missed. While change can be unsettling for employees, contacting them can boost their morale.

Make some extra effort in labelling your boxes: When you are moving to a new office labelling your boxes is very important in all steps. To continue the activities during and after the removal, you will have to label every single box carefully so that you are not looking for things like more printer paper or toner when you need them. All you need to do is label them in numeric order to avoid any last-minute confusion.

Be sure about the fittings: Even if you want to bring that huge breakroom fridge with you, the level of kitchen space in your new breakroom may not allow it. It applies to your conference room table, large electrical appliances, and anything that requires a lot of space. Instead of wasting time, energy, and money transporting belongings that won’t work in your new office space, get the dimensions of your biggest belongings and compare them to your next location measure. You can also take help from Local Moving Melbourne as they can guide you by valuing your money.

Make a documentation list:  While thinking about your move, you should make a documentation list or inventory where you will list every single thing. Inventory is an important pre-moving activity that lets you know if something has been lost or damaged. Due to poor organisation in the office, most people often fail to take inventory before moving. But this one is the essential part while moving. So, do not forget to take it.

Celebrate Your new office move: An office transfer puts pressure on everyone, including your employees. As a “thank you” for everyone’s cooperation in making this happen and as a way to celebrate your new place, budget for a small party after the move. It is not needed to celebrate with a big budget. Sometime in the first week of a luncheon celebration, lunch transfer will show your staff how much you appreciate their help and welcome them to exciting things in the new office.

Things you should not do while dealing with Office removalists

Moving office is never a pleasant job. Unfortunately, poor planning can make the situation worse. Not only will you disrupt the regular functioning of the office, but you will also face opposition from your employees and business partners. So, it is always better to know what to do and whatnot.

Do not Hurry about your move: Sometimes there is not much time to plan as it might be a sudden decision. But rushing through this process will double the stress and hassle. So, try to plan as much as possible.

Do not rely on a verbal agreement: A written agreement is not just a piece of paper. When things go south, it serves as a guarantee of your safety. Always ask for documentation and sign their terms.

Don’t make decisions based on the price:  You have to be more careful about the quality, and quantity matters as affordability do not always equal quality. Yes, the price is a significant consideration. But you also have to factor in customer feedback, range of services, tools, and equipment. Melbourne Removals company is a top-notch service provider at a reasonable price. Check them out if you are in their area of ​​operation.

Don’t hire vehicles with less space: If you have a lot of goods, do not rent a truck or trailer with less space; otherwise, you will have to spend more for multiple moving trips. And here, you can assign Moving Melbourne for a smooth move as they can guide you about the vehicles and other essential things.

Do not pack heavy things without disassembling them: It is advisable to pack your furniture and electrical appliances by breaking them. Please do not take the heavy belongings without breaking them, as this will increase the load on the packing box.

Do not pack fragile belongings with heavy belongings: Fragile or delicate belongings should not be packed with durable or heavy belongings as it is risky to pack them together. The fragile belongings cannot take the burden of the heavy belongings, so that they might break easily. And you don’t want to take any damaged belongings in your new office so avoid this.

Do not forget to hire a professional mover to value your Time: while moving and avoiding any last-minute stress, it is better to hire professional movers as they can guide you to save time. They might go through the appropriate service to avoid real-time clutter. Keep an eye on the vehicle or mode of transport that is finalised for removal and must pass all the necessary clearances.

Don’t fall into the trap of discounts:  Who doesn’t want to get discounts? Everyone is seeking discounts as it makes moving a little bit easier. But first, we have to be very careful about the concept of discounts. Do not fall into the trap of a wicked person. So, avoid being attracted to discount offers from mobile companies because it is a way to lose valuable money.

Please do not mix the packed and unpacked belongings:  It is advisable not to mix packed and unpacked belongings together. These will waste most of your time. So, it is better to keep packed and unpacked belongings separated. If you do this, you will no longer have to worry about finding something. You can easily hire Cheap Removals Melbourne to avoid inconvenience problems.


Moving your office is not a small task and will affect your business activities and everyone associated with it. So, make sure that you continue the process correctly. Moving will take months and proper planning. It is the key to managing your day-to-day tasks and ongoing plans.

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