Things you must do after buying a used car in Dubai


Dubai features a range of modes for commuting to its residents, so you might not feel the need for a car at first. However, owning a car grants you a sense of superiority over others. Also, it helps you develop a prestigious image in front of your colleagues and peers.

However, not everyone can afford a brand-new car among all the glitz and glamour of the city. Situations like these make many people opt for used cars with impressive exteriors and comfortable interiors. Yet, there’s no need to get overly excited with the details, but first, you must get it checked by the best car service centre in Dubai

Apart from the maintenance and affordability, here’s what you need to attend to right after your car purchase deal has been finalized, and you have gotten the vehicle.

1. Check the Exterior 

What’s the first factor you notice in a car? Probably the exteriors. Therefore, it’s the first thing you should observe in your dream car. Follow this piece of advice for new cars as well.

If any dents or scratches prevail on the outside, get it repainted by a professional. Also, there must be no color differences in any area. Moreover, ensure that the door hinges don’t loosen when you open and shut it.

While minor issues like these are resolvable, you wouldn’t want to deal with bigger mishaps after the car purchase. It also impacts the car price if you intend to sell it later.

2. Determine the Seatbelts 

Do you know there’s a fine for not wearing a seatbelt in Dubai? Since the city has strict driving rules, you must adhere to them responsibly. As seatbelts are the most useful aspect of any vehicle, most used cars have loose or broken seatbelts. With that said, the second thing you need to settle is the seatbelts. Or else it can be harmful both financially and physically. So, isn’t it better to take care of the task before getting yourself fined or, even worse, injured?

3. Inspect the Tires 

You’ve negotiated a lucrative deal for a second hand car based on its mileage, age and features. But did you check the condition of the tyres and the miles they’ve covered till now? Even if you’ve inspected it closely, a shinned-up rubber can hide any defects that are only obvious on a closer look. Although you don’t need to stress over bumpy streets in Dubai, the warm weather is still a threat. That’s why you need to check the tread for wear and the sidewalls for cracks and verify the life span of each tyre for safety purposes when buying used cars.

4. Change the Fluids 

Another noteworthy task to concentrate on is changing the vehicle’s functional fluids. If you’ve already got it serviced at the time of purchase, then you can skip the step. However, that’s unusual in the world of second-hand vehicles. You must change fluid swaps, engine oil, brake fluid, and automatic or manual transmission oil. Depending on how much you plan to use your car, you might need to refill the gear oil, particularly for bearing heavy loads.

5. Pay Attention to the Filters 

A perfect car has a perfect air conditioning system. So, as the weather in Dubai stays on the hotter end most of the year, it’s wise to have your air condition system in good shape. However, many people often overlook one filter, namely the cabin air filter, when buying used cars. This filter usually resides underneath the dashboard and serves to omit dead leaves, pollen and debris from your car. You must replace it for purified air and better vent performance.

6. Get it Insured 

The cost of car insurance in Dubai depends on various factors, including the car’s age, driver and driving history. Don’t be quick in purchasing car insurance. Make sure to get the one with the maximum benefits. Also, you must avoid opting for a third-party liability cover. Upon receiving the policy, read the terms and conditions carefully to determine what’s covered and what’s not. 

7. Take it for a Long Drive. 

Now that you’ve taken care of every faulty aspect of your second hand car, it’s time to check the driving capacity. Gather your family on a Friday morning and head over to Sharjah or any other place of your interest for the weekend. Yet, don’t delve deeper into the excitement and ensure that there are no unusual noises, squeaking or roaring of the brakes. If you encounter any such noises, get the issue resolved by an automobile professional ASAP.

Remember that such issues can occur even with popular used cars, such as BMW, Audi, Nissan, etc. So, it’s important that you pay attention to everything during the long drive.

Final Thoughts 

Finally, purchasing a used car, whether it’s from one of the popular brands or not, doesn’t always have to be a daunting experience, especially in Dubai, UAE. While getting anxious is a ritual before investing in something expensive, you must arm yourself with relevant car maintenance knowledge for a seamless experience. In this regard, just get a hold of the abovementioned factors, and you’re good to go.

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