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Things To Know Before Buying Server Colocation UK

Server colocation is one of the hottest hosting trends these days. It allows you to rent space to install servers and other hardware. Provider’s responsibilities include floor space, cooling, power, and physical security. 

The client owns the server and can install or uninstall applications. Server colocation providers understand business dynamics and help your enterprise grow. Organizations can deploy a data center without buying one. This is the best thing about server colocation. 

How Long is the Duration Server Colocation Contract?

The duration of a regular colocation contract can be from three to five years. But a wholesale agreement may allow you as long as 15 years. Customers also prefer at least a five-year contract to avoid any inconvenience. That inconvenience could be about cost or downtime.

How to Find the Best Colocation Provider for Your Business?

It is a challenging task, indeed. All colocation providers are not the same. Moreover, we know that every business has unique requirements. Thus, finding a colocation provider that meets your current and future needs is essential. 

So, here are some things you should always look on:

Power Density

Good power density is more than necessary. It ensures that your provider can fulfill your needs in the present and the future. Power densities of data centers have increased in the past due to technology innovation. Many clients now demand 10kW per cabinet. Make sure that the power density of the provider you choose is good.  

Operational and environmental cost efficiency are the competitive edges of a high power-density data center. Many centers now use a supplemental cooling system to support high-density environments. 

Flexible Service Level Agreement

Customers have many expectations from their colocation partners. SLA identifies what colocation partners are responsible for and what they are not responsible for. Hence, customers know what they can expect, and vendors know what they have to provide. You can easily check if the performance of vendors is according to expectations or not.

SLA protects the provider by defining the objectives and offered services. It makes sure both parties are on the same page. So, talk with your colocation provider about all points included in SLA. Make sure it is in your best interest. 

Also, convince them to keep it flexible for future changes. That would help you accommodate unexpected changes in the future. You will be able to add new services quickly.

Best Security

The reliable security that server colocation offers is why businesses opt for it. You must consider security when you set up the budget at the start. Colocation allows organizations to save crucial information remotely. 

It comes with many levels of security. These levels are implemented both inside and outside. So, ensure you know about their internal and external security parameters.

As mentioned earlier, physical security is one of the prime advantages of colocation. Make sure that your uk colo takes many measures to restrict physical access to your server. They must use suitable virtual security measures like video surveillance and biometrics. You are going to store a lot of your business’s confidential information. High security is essential.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans

Natural disasters can strike at any time. A business continuity plan ensures that it does not interrupt your business if it hits. Moreover, pick a plan that ensures neither natural disaster nor human error can halt the business. 

Ask your potential provider if technical experts have tested their disaster recovery plans.

Network Carrier Redundancy

Your ideal provider must have many network carriers. It enables connectivity within the facility. Business continuity depends on the connections between businesses and vendors. They help maintain business connectivity. 

Moreover, find a provider that offers cost-effective redundant network design. There has to be a complete network carrier redundancy plan. Continuous connections between workforces and customers should also be part of this Network carrier redundancy plan.


Online businesses need internet connection all the time. Interruption or downtime can cost them millions. Besides speedy internet, high functionality and quality are also required for smooth operation.

So, every business must ensure that the colocation provider offers enough bandwidth. Prefer colocation data centers over in-house to enjoy reliable and affordable connections.


Think well before choosing the location. You should have a clear idea of why you should choose a particular location. For example, if you have made your site for DR, you would select a location within 100 miles. However, location should also be far enough to offer the best protection from a calamity like a flood or a hurricane. This is why we need the DR site in the first place. Also, location decides accessibility. Choose the one with the best accessibility.

Putting It All Together

Colocation is one of the most famous hosting options nowadays. Finding the best colocation partner may seem difficult. However, it is easy if you properly analyze your business needs and define your budget. The tips we mentioned above can help you make a good choice.

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