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Things to know about Spin Win

The gambling business market has undergone many major changes since the early 20th decade with the participation of online gambling. However, retail betting, or traditional betting at land-based physical betting shops, remains popular with many punters. But, there, the classic lottery games need a new breath, with better interfaces, features, and more attractive gameplay. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium-quality betting products globally, MOHIO offers retail betting businesses many excellent elevated gambling game solutions, enhancing their players’ experience and providing an attractive source of revenue for the operators. spin win is one such solution. 

Things to know about Spin Win

Spin Win is a popular roulette-based lottery game with many different name variations, such as Spin&Win, WinWiN, Spin Game, etc.

Spin Win developed by MOHIO has a relatively simple and fast-paced gameplay. The eye-catching, intuitive refreshed interface and rich betting options make it never less appealing to players.

The game consists of a sizeable rotatable wheel and a pointer. The outermost ring of the wheel is divided into 36 alternating black and red squares, randomly numbered from 1 to 36, and a green zero box, which is the starting point when the game begins. With the exception of 0, every 6 random numbers with consecutive positions are put into a group, marked with the letters A, B, C, D, E, and F in the inner ring. At each turn, the wheel will spin, and the indicated needle will stop at one of the numbered boxes. It is the winning number. When participating in Spin Win, the player’s task is to predict this winning number. Designed with a random number generator, the outcome of each spin is different and independent. It means that no external influences can change the result, making manipulation or prediction impossible, and ensuring absolute fairness of the game.

A wide range of betting options are combined to make the game more thrilling and exciting. In addition to betting on winning numbers, punters can choose the sector, color, high/low, even/odd, dozens, mirrors, neighbors, final, or six lines. These diverse betting choices give players more chances to try their luck, keep Spin Win always in favor of player interaction, and have the potential to generate massive revenue for the house.

Some highlight features of Spin Win

  1.       Available 24/7

Players can access this favorite entertainment any time of the day, any time they want, as Spin Win is available 24/7. Unlimited time for unlimited fun.

  1.       Custom interface

Spin Win includes a diverse collection of game interfaces, allowing players to choose the one that accommodates their liking. Players can change the theme to create a new inspiration or simply apply the skin with the right set of images to suit their personal preferences, making the game more interesting.

  1.       Wide range of betting options

Ensuring all players find a bet option that suits their particular preferences and playing strategies, Spin Win allows players to bet on a variety of factors. If betting on winning numbers is too difficult and risky, they can choose more easily hit markets such as sector, color, and dozens. Punters can also predict low/high, twin, even/odd, or six lines. With a more aggressive playing strategy, bet on twins, mirror, neighbor or finals.

  1.       Unique prize

The Spin Win game doubles a player’s chances of winning when the offer is not one but two jackpots. Experience the excitement and thrill of betting, and your luck could end up at one of the two biggest prizes or both.

  1.       Re-bet option

If adventurous players like different markets and constantly discover new winning possibilities, confident punters with a preferred and stable betting strategy can opt for this advanced feature. It allows wagerers to repeat the selection of bets they have placed in previous rounds quickly and conveniently with just one click.

  1.       Simultaneous play feature

After placing a bet, instead of spending time waiting, Spin Win players can opt for the split screen feature, where they can keep an eye on the outcome of the round while exploring and enjoying a variety of games different on the same screen. It is a feature that enriches the player’s entertainment experience that few can resist to stay longer.

Diverse betting markets

  1.       Exact bet

The player correctly predicts the winning number that will appear. The odds of winning are 1/36, but the high risk in return can bring them huge winnings.

  1.       Sectors

 In this market, with the odds of winning of 1/6, players bet on sectors from A-F. Each of these sectors combines 6 random numbers with consecutive positions.

  1.       Dozens

The numbers 1-36 are divided into 3 groups: 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. If the winning number is in the selected group by the bettor, they win.

  1.       Odd/even, Colors

Basically, the player’s chance of winning here is 50-50, however, it is very interesting and much less risky than the exact bet. The player chooses whether the future winning number is odd or even, or tied to the red or black box.

  1.       Low/ High

It is the bettor’s job to predict whether the winning number is between the numbers 1-18, which is labeled the low range, or the range between 19-36 as the high range. Similar to odd/even and red/black, the chances of winning in this market are 50-50, and the payouts are considered fair.

  1.       Low/high and color combo bets

The riskier bookmakers can opt for more complex bets when choosing a combo. Players will bet on whether the winning number will be in the low or high range AND fall on the red or black box.

  1.       Mirrors

Pairs of numbers such as 12-21, and 13-31 that appear to be mirror images of each other are called mirror pairs. This is an extra-betting option that adds excitement and surprise to the game.

  1.       Twins

Special numbers like 11, 22, and 33, consisting of two identical digits are called twins. This isn’t an easy bet, but it’s clearly fun and exciting.

  1.       Neighbors

In this market, players bet on numbers that are adjacent to the winning number, including its predecessor and its successor on the wheel layout.

  1.   Six lines

The six-line bet is simply an alternative to the dozens or red-black bet, with the potential to increase the coverage on the table. You will choose 6 adjacent numbers located in 2 different sectors (2 sides of the sector borderline, 3 consecutive numbers on each side from the line). If you place 3 of 6-line bets, your coverage is half the table, which is equivalent to the coverage of a red and black bet. This market allows players to take lower risks and has high chances of winning if a proper covering strategy is in place.

  1.   Finals

This is a unique betting option where bettors only need to care about the last digit. If you bet on the final 6 and the winning number is any of the numbers 6, 16, 26, or 36, you win the bet.


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