Things to consider for choosing the right bong

Bongs are an increasingly effective method to inhale; they are often an artistic outlet. They are masterpieces that are precisely produced and come in a variety of hues, patterns, and designs. The simplest ones seem like blown-up tubes, whereas more sophisticated ones look like they correspond to museum stands. When selecting the appropriate bong, several factors must be considered. Whenever you want to purchase a bong for yourself or as a present for a friend, the recommendations outlined here might assist you in making the appropriate decision. Below are among the most important considerations when selecting a bong. They are as follows:

Washing convenience

Cleaning your bongs quite often is vital to maintain them in a good state. As a result, while selecting the proper bong to purchase, one must evaluate the convenience of cleanup. Avoid buying a bong that will be difficult to clean. Pick a conveniently washable design.

Consider the percolator that was utilized

Many individuals have tried and failed countless times to find the ideal accessory to utilize. This is due to the fact that cooktops vary in various ways. The type of percolator employed influences the quality of the vapor and the general level of filtering. It is critical to select a percolator that produces a more filtered smoke. The following are among the most renowned percolators on the market. Composites, sprinklers, bushes, windmills, and inline are among them.

The densities of the glass

Glass texture influences the longevity of your pipe. As per studies, bongs constructed of strong glass (around 5- 7 mm) are more robust and difficult to shatter than those constructed of lesser than 3mm. As a result, purchasing a bong with stronger glass will provide you with higher endurance.

Bowl dimensions

Small, significant, and party versions are the most common bowl sizes. You must decide on the size of the bowl you want to utilize. For instance, if you purchase a party-size pot but smoke once, you will wind up squandering a lot of marijuana. Little bowls would’ve been ideal for solo smokers who do not take significant hits.

The style of the bong

Another critical consideration is the style of the funnel or how it appears. Let’s confront it; you’ll be utilizing the bong daily, so you should like how it looks. The astonishing thing seems to be particular bong-style possibilities in the industry. Several are as dark as night, while others employ a rainbow of hues. If you have the means, you could buy bongs that are pieces of art. Whether you’re a newbie, you might like to initiate with anything simply because breaking an expensive bong isn’t a pleasant experience.

How to care for your pipe

Mismanaging a pipe, like with material composed of glass, can lead it to crack, split, or explode. A tube is an expense similar that a car or a good television. They include high-end and perhaps extravagant items in some cases. Because they are built that way, you must handle them with extreme caution.


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