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Things to Consider Before Getting a Wolf Cut

This is a type of hairstyle for medium-length hair with layers that resemble a wolf’s fur hence the name wolf cut. The hair usually has a larger volume towards the shoulders, while some long hair strands are left at the top. The wolf haircut is usually similar to a mullet. The only difference is the additional layers and the edgy hair texture for the wolf haircut.

The short hair layers at the top and long choppy layers at the back of the head are what make the wolf cut a wild feminine hairstyle. Before you settle for a wolf cut, there are a few considerations you should make. They include;

  1. The Texture Of Your Hair

Before getting a wolf style, you would want first to identify the texture of your hair because this is crucial to getting the hairstyle that fits you perfectly. Well, as the name suggests, wolf cut requires a lot of layers. Therefore, the texture of your hair is a great determinant of how the layers will look. It is important to consider your hair texture because a wolf haircut will look different depending on how your hair feels.

When you get a wolf cut without considering your hair texture, the layers could end up shorter than you wanted them to be. This is because different types of hair have different shrinkage abilities.

  1. Your Hair Thickness

How thick your hair is has a lot of impact on the way the wolf cut will turn out. Hair volume is one of the most important things that make a wolf haircut. This means that if your hair is naturally thick, your wolf haircut is likely to look better compared to one with thin straight hair.

Even though the layers add volume to the hair, the thickness of the hair plays a greater role in the outcome of the hairstyle. Having a significant volume of hair helps reduce the time you spend styling the wolf cut whenever you decide to.




  1. Your Preference For Bangs

While having bangs for a wolf cut is not a must, they play a very important role in how the hairstyle will appear. The shape of your face is what you should consider before deciding whether to have bangs on your wolf haircut or not. You should know that having curtain bangs on your wolf haircut needs extra maintenance.

The bangs require occasional trimming to keep the wolf cut looking clean and elegant. The layers on the bangs also need to be redone frequently so that the volume of the hair is properly maintained. It is also important to note that the bangs impact how your face will be framed.

  1. The Amount Of Time You Wish To Spend On Styling

Even though the wolf cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle, the layers usually fall when not styled. This means that the layers on the hair need to be redone frequently if you want the hairstyle to look neat and fashionable. How frequently the layers must be redone depends on your hair type and texture.

All you need is hair products and heating tools to make the hairstyle look how you want it to. This does not mean that the layers should be done daily, as the continuous use of heating tools usually damages your hair.

The amount of time could also mean how much you are willing to commit yourself to this hairstyle. Initially, wearing a wolf cut might not look great, especially if your hair is not of the right length. This will require a lot of commitment to ensure that the style fits you regardless of the circumstances.

  1. The Hair Length

The length of your hair is very important as it determines how your wolf cut will appear. The look of a short wolf haircut differs from that of a medium or long wolf cut. You should ensure that the outcome you want matches your hair length.



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