Things to Consider Before Buying Solar Dock Lights

Solar Dock Lights

Solar dock lights illuminate your dock safely and aesthetically without using energy, batteries, or wiring. Dock lights are bright enough to illuminate a dock for visibility and security at night. They are solar-powered, waterproof, and resistant to various elements. Which solar dock lights should you choose, then?


Appearance must be the first thing you consider. You need to locate a light that will fit your dock and look stunning at night.

If the lights do not look decent when mounted on your dock, then they are not worth the money, regardless of how wonderful the brightness and longevity are. You must make sure that you take into account the variances in lighting hue and how it will appear on your dock.

The majority of dock lights come in a variety of colors, including blue, yellow, green, and plain white. The color variations can help you distinguish your dock from the competition if your lighting is on.


Pricing is the next feature that you should think about. Cost is an issue with high-quality solar dock lights. Cheaper lights will work if there is a large area that has to be illuminated. However, a high-quality light at a fair price is the best if you require illumination in a limited area.


Security is the most crucial aspect that you should take into account. You can add a solar dock light to increase visibility and security, depending on how exposed your dock is and how close your house is.

There are light docks with the broadest, brightest angle and motion-sensing technology. 360-degree dock lights are also available.


What you want to do with the dock lights is something else to think about. Your docks, decks, staircases, and even pathways can all be fitted with it. Dock lights will be exposed to rain and other harsh weather conditions, and occasionally they may even submerge. For these reasons, the best construction is water-resistant and waterproof.

Although the majority of solar lights are not intended to be used underwater, you do have the choice of lights that can be used even when strong waves are rushing over your dock and when it is heavily raining.

All of the best solar dock lights are described as being waterproof and water-resistant, but some models are simply superior to others.

Some people are prepared for severe rain, but not for strong waves that will wash the dock. The best thing to do is to read customer reviews of the models you are thinking about purchasing.


The last thing you should think about is its durability. Your solar dock lights shouldn’t need to be changed frequently. Setting it up and leaving it running for years is great. Some types have a lifespan of up to two years, and some come with removable batteries so you won’t need to buy new dock lights when the old ones stop working.

Some models require additional inspection because you are not given the option to change the battery due to their design.

Before installing any dock lights, it’s also a good idea to consult the manager of the marina or a nearby neighbor. Your dock illumination will have an impact on those nearby unless it is far from other people’s homes or docks. It is best to speak with those who the solar dock lights will affect before installing them.

You must converse with your neighbors at your house. You can add as many lights as you like if you own a dock. However, it is best to inform your neighbors about your idea because, if you share a dock, they might be willing to contribute to lowering the cost of the dock lights.

You must speak with the marina management if you are the owner of a dock slip. Prior to installing your solar dock lights, it is best to check with the marinas in question since many of them have rules and regulations regarding the consistency in the appearance of the marina.

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