These Three Coins Will Shelter You from the Crypto Winter: Klangaverse, TRON, and UNUS SED LEO

In this period, when the increasing transaction volumes are seen in the cryptocurrency markets, it is possible that many investors are making a profit. In cryptocurrencies, which provide a perfect opportunity for long-term investments, an upward trend is observed starting from altcoins. 

Investors state that the purchases made during this bear market will leave high profits in the medium and long term. In particular, it is observed that newly developed ecosystems come to the fore as risk-free investments.

Klangaverse (KLG): Will Skyrocket After the Crypto Winter Disappears

Klangaverse (KLG) develops a reasonably new approach among projects developed in the NFT field. Contrary to the classical NFT market, the ecosystem, which focuses directly on the music market, aims to offer a platform that brings musicians and listeners together.

The ecosystem states that musical works will be verified in NFT format, and musicians will be given ownership rights. It is said that the works, which will be brought directly to the listeners without the need for intermediaries, can be purchased or listened to on the platform. It is planned to make direct payments to NFT owners over the streams.

Klangaverse (KLG), which has a large marketing budget, plans to expand its audience with future collaborations. This ecosystem, which has a high potential for profitability in the long term, is already attracting investor attention. The Klangaverse ecosystem can revolutionize how artists and audiences interact, so it is poised to be one of the most significant coins after the crypto winter.

TRON (TRX) Is Another Project Aimed at Help Content Creators.

TRON (TRX) saw its lowest price on September 15, 2017. The transaction value was approximately 5397% below the current transaction value, then entered an upward trend and reached its historical peak. 

Continuing its upward momentum until January 5, 2018, the token was traded at $0.3004, the highest value it has ever seen. TRON (TRX) has a market cap of approximately $6.2 billion. The daily trading volume is around one billion dollars on average. 

It is estimated that TRON (TRX), which has a high transaction volume compared to alternative projects, will increase this transaction volume to higher figures with new applications to be included in the ecosystem. Our analysts say it is one of the biggest contenders for being the biggest altcoin in the future after the crypto winter ends.

UNUS SED LEO (LEO) Is iFinex’ Saving Grace

UNUS SED LEO (LEO) is a project based on transparency. In this context, the project has a dashboard where all transactions and burns are presented as an indicator on the Bitfinex exchange. 

The mainnet token of the project, LEO, has purposes such as performing iFinex transactions, renewing the budget, and providing a diversity of opportunities. In addition, thanks to UNUS SED LEO (LEO), all altcoins in the cryptocurrency market are exchanged. The LEO token also provides a 15% commission discount from transactions made within the Bitfinex exchange. 

Users can trade within the exchange with low transaction fees in exchange for holding at least 1 UNUS SED LEO (LEO) token in their account. In addition, a 25% transaction fee discount is offered to those holding more than $5,000 in UNUS SED LEO (LEO).

Final Thoughts

The crypto winter has been harsh on a lot of altcoins, but there are still a few gems to be found. Klangaverse (KLG) is one such currency that has weathered the storm and is poised for continued growth. With a strong community and innovative features, KLG is well worth your time.

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