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These Smart Units Are Leading the Moving & Storage Industry’s Modern Advancements

The moving and storage industry is regarded as one of the most competitive and ever-changing fields in the business ecosystem. Valued at $21.7 billion in 2023, its profitability is attributed to two factors: a) the emergence of new technologies and b) a fast-paced world where people move frequently and spontaneously. 

A recent survey shows that 15% of adults in the U.S. plan to move in the next 12 months for a variety of reasons: from employment relocation, and change of scenery, to cost of living. This makes moving and storage companies put their A-game and deliver an optimal and hassle-free customer experience.

Historically, the moving and storage industry hasn’t always been tech-savvy. Digging back to its first inklings in the 19th century, its pioneers utilized covered wagons as the primary means to transport American settlers and their belongings between states. This preeminent technology soon evolved into motor vehicles in the 20th century and then came along the onset of modern advancements in the 21st century. From digital booking processes to GPS monitoring, tech breakthroughs have overhauled traditional storage systems by leaps and bounds.

At the forefront of this revolution is Florida-based startup Flex, an innovative moving and storage company that offers customized, state-of-the-art smart trailers, rather than basic, bulky shipping containers, allowing them to introduce the world to the first smart portable storage experience.

Inside Flex 

Founder Tal Bar recognizes customers’ pain points in moving and storing: people don’t want the tedious process of packing, loading, and going back and forth to a distant facility. Today, customers desire instant satisfaction, putting pressure on moving companies to face this increasing demand. This is where Flex comes into the picture: to transform the industry’s outdated approach with its cutting-edge technology and flexible solutions. By utilizing custom-designed smart trailers, Flex offers a seamless and innovative experience that caters to the diverse needs of both individuals and businesses. 

Pack, Load, and Move Effortlessly

Flex provides a range of convenient options, including On-Site Storage, where the portable storage unit is kept on the customer’s property throughout the storage period, allowing for easy access. This is particularly useful for home renovations when quick and frequent access to stored items is required. 

Pickup & Delivery is where the storage units are transported to the customer’s desired location within the service area. This option is not limited to the beginning or end of the storage period; customers can request delivery or retrieval of their items at any time for an additional fee.

And unlike other storage companies, they also offer the Full Service option where a team of in-house professionals takes charge of loading and unloading the customer’s belongings, providing an effortless and hassle-free experience.

Customers can easily navigate Flex’s user-friendly website to select their desired storage option, access transparent pricing information, and schedule services right at their fingertips. Additionally, Flex goes the extra mile by offering customers the ability to call their storage unit at any time, providing a sense of control and accessibility.

Flex believes that the complete moving and storage experience is amplified by giving people the peace of mind that they deserve. With their tech-enhanced smart units, customers are rest assured that their belongings are kept safe and secure. This is made possible by their range of advanced tech capabilities, including GPS tracking, temperature & humidity sensors, responsive vents that power on/off based on sensor readings, door-entry sensors, motion sensors, and a roof-mounted solar panel that powers all the above.

More than being a key player in the moving and storage space, Flex serves as the pinnacle in the industry’s long lineage of evolving services and technologies. By putting the customers’ needs front and center, the company solidifies itself as the brand to be reckoned with for all things storage in the modern age.

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