These Science Backed Nootropic Supplements Are the Secret Weapon of Gamers, Traders and High Performers.

Most of us have felt at one time or another, a strong desire to add hours to our day. The culture of overachievement that has defined our generation makes it almost impossible for us to unplug, relax and allow our mind and body to replenish the energy reserves used to maintain the demanding pace of our daily professional and personal activities.

While working out, eating well and getting enough rest have been promoted as the golden triad by physicians, trainers and healthcare experts, in reality, we seldom manage to prioritize our individual needs over deadlines and multiple social commitments both at work, and at home.

So how can elite professionals, high powered business titans, working parents, avid gamers and successful traders make the most of their daily 24 hours? Well, without more than enough available energy we´re likely to fall short.

For decades, scientists have studied a myriad of compounds that enhance our energy availability; While many products can tackle some of the needs we might face, none had been able to provide energy, focus and concentration without risking health and balance…until now.

NAPJITSU has quickly made a name for itself thanks to its groundbreaking, science backed, patent-pending technology which can be summarized as follows: our brain and body require sleep in order to function properly, but most of us constantly and relentlessly push ourselves to perform at the highest level, even when we haven´t rested as much as we need to.

NAPJITSU is changing the game and becoming the modern overachiever´s secret weapon, thanks to a carefully crafted selection of highly effective nootropic compounds that include vitamins, amino acids, herbs and mushrooms.

Regardless of whether you´re gaming, trading, working or watching the kids by yourself, products like NOW, NAP and REST promise to equip you with the energy and focus you need to get you over the finish line, without making you feel groggy or jittery.

Laura Brooks and her team at NAPJITSU recently granted us an interview. Here´s everything you need to know about these revolutionary products:

What is the secret behind NAPJITSU´s superior patent pending proprietary blend? 

We leverage sleep science to enhance the rest you get and to mimic the effects of rest when you don’t have time to slow down. NOW has 13 nootropics and NAP has 29 nootropics to provide a well-rounded, robust cognitive boost. It’s so much more than energy — it’s energy plus creativity, alertness, focus, and memory. Paired with caffeine — especially time-released caffeine — our nootropic stacks are super effective (2x as effective as coffee) at unlocking energy and better performance. Both NOW and NAP are patent-pending for their innovative nootropic stacks, and our consumer studies show they unlock more than 5 hours of steady focus and energy.

Please share with our readers the inspiration behind the brand and its product selection. 

We wanted to create a better form of energy that’s natural, non-habit-forming and effective. We were over sugary energy drinks, we had become practically addicted to coffee, and we knew there has to be a better way to break the cycle of fatigue. We did a ton of research and discovered the myriad benefits of the power nap and the caffeine nap, as evidenced by studies in Japan and by NASA, and we decided to one-up the caffeine nap with a bunch of other nootropics. We like to think of it as empowering your power nap even more.

Some people think nootropics are the stuff of films and tv shows, how do they enhance daily life? 

Nootropics were defined as a category in 1972 by a Romanian psychologist and chemist — the word means “mind bending” and it refers to a group of substances that are cognition-enhancing, whether they stimulate energy, focus, memory, creativity, etc. Caffeine is perhaps the most well-known nootropic, but most people don’t realize it’s a nootropic! At NAPJITSU, we only use natural nootropics and adaptogens, ie herbs, plants, amino acids and vitamins.

How long did the research and development phases take and when did you first launch NAPJITSU´s product selection? 

We have registered dietitians and PhDs on the team, and it took ~6 months to refine and source the formulas for our products. Bringing them to market has been a bit trickier, given the global supply chain issues, but we’re glad to get NOW, NAP and REST into the hands of consumers, and more products are coming soon!

What are the main differences between NOW, NAP and REST and how can I know which one suits me best? 

It’s a great question — there’s a NAPJITSU for every situation. NOW is for instant energy — those time when you might otherwise reach for coffee or an energy drink. It has time-released caffeine (equivalent to 1.5 cups of coffee) and 12 other nootropics to sharpen your brain and bring your mind into focus. NAP is for power naps — but it turns out you don’t actually need to fall asleep to reap the benefits of a “nap,” which is great news for all those people who say they’re “not nappers.” The idea with NAP is that the nootropics recharge your brain while you lay down, and then the caffeine hits around 30 min in (the ideal nap length), so you wake up and you’re ready to go, without feeling foggy. I swear it works. And REST is for longer stretches of sleep — it has zero caffeine but 1850 mg nootropics, which help you relax into sleep and give your brain a bunch of juicy benefits so you wake up feeling refreshed and recharged. I love REST for flights and for those middle-of-the-night wakeups. And as I said, there are more products coming soon!

What if I can´t get enough sleep, will NAPJITSU´s products still give me the edge I need? 

Yes, that’s the beauty of our nootropic stacks! The hormone adenosine is what makes you feel sleepy — it builds up in your brain throughout the day. NAPJITSU helps to eradicate adenosine from your brain, which speeds up your response time and makes you think sharper and faster.

How does your subscription model work? Please elaborate.

There are several studies that show the benefits of compounding nootropics — they work better the more you take them. So that means it’s wise to develop a habit, and our subscription makes it easy for consumers to keep their stash replenished at whatever cadence they prefer. Save 15% and get free shipping with every subscription order. Hassle free cancellations.

Can I stay up late working, studying, gaming or trading and still feel energized by taking NAPJITSU and a brief 30-minute nap?

Yes, that’s the idea, and we really see a lot of benefits for the gamers out there — anyone dealing with a lot of screen time, late nights and weird sleep schedules, and a need for fast response times. You can’t afford to feel sluggish and tired; NAPJITSU helps you stay focused and sharp.

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