These Presales May Be Worth Millions: Ecoterra, DeeLance, And Caged Beasts

The crypto market is beginning to open up with recovery and many platforms are looking to have their shot at competing with some of the highest-ranking cryptos in history. Since the year began, presales have become all the rage in the market. Thanks to the FOMO created by Bitcoin and other high-ranking cryptos. 

Presales allow interested buyers to accumulate as many tokens as possible in the beginning and then trade them off later on when the coins have a higher value. In addition, these new cryptos also give users a way to access some niche markets before they take the form of mainstream investments. 

One of these niche market presales is that of Ecoterra, a first-of-its-kind coin that allows users to invest in both financial profitability and the environment. In addition, DeeLance is a platform that connects freelancers with clients and pays these contractors in crypto, which holds a variety of benefits. Similarly, in a never seen before presale, Caged Beasts (BEASTS)  brings a brand-new concept with untapped potential to the market. 

DeeLance: Connection, Provision, And Success

One industry that has taken off in the past few years is Freelancing. Particularly in a post-pandemic era. Remote working has become a favorable option for skilled workers. The industry has grown in popularity by 65% and it is estimated that it will be valued at $12 billion by 2028. 

DeeLance offers a platform where freelancers can connect with clients and potential buyers. Its three key pillars: NFT marketplace, metaverse, and an innovative recruitment platform, serve as tools designed to streamline the process and create an overall better user experience. DeeLance eliminates corporate greed and allows users to earn what their work is worth whilst also having full ownership of their work through tokenization. 

Using the $DLANCE tokens, users can purchase office spaces in its metaverse, along with advertising their service and buying items from the marketplace. Altogether, DeeLance offers a full suite of tools that allow a seamless experience for the freelancers and clients that use their platform. 

Ecoterra: Environmental And Financial Profitability

Climate change and environmental conservation is the key topic of discussion in this current time and many organizations are actively working towards either finding a solution or a strategy to slow down this process. In the blockchain world, care is already being taken to ensure that their impact is not damaging and this is exactly where Ecoterra plays a role. 

It is a green blockchain that is incentivized by crypto and consists of four pillars; firstly, the Ecoterra Recycle2Earn application allows you to earn tokens for recycling activities. Secondly, the Ecoterra Carbon Offset marketplace gives you a place where you can verify your project and the carbon footprint it creates. Thirdly, the marketplace for recycled materials enables you to connect with recyclers and use your tokens to place orders. Lastly, the Ecoterra Impact Profile helps you track your actions and environmental impact. 

This is a brilliant time to invest in a coin that works toward both financial and environmental well-being, which is every investor’s dream investment. 

Caged Beasts: Time To Tame The Chaos

Legend has it that in a secret lab in an undisclosed location, there is a mad scientist named Dr. Jekyll who has created Dr. Rabbit Hyde. Hyde is tasked with creating genetically mutated animals that will rid the world of its problems. These Caged Beasts want to take back control of the world, and we need to ally with them. 

The beasts are created at each stage of the presale and will grow throughout this process to eventually become fully-grown beasts at a later stage. This signifies the growth of the users’ investment and also encourages them to buy early so that the “beast” can be at its strongest by the end of the presale. 

Moreover, users can earn tokens through a referral code that they can share with others. When these new investors use the owners’ referral code, the owner receives a 20% deposit into their wallet, ready to spend. This gives users a perfect way to earn a passive income whilst also creating a strong community of Beast followers. 

Forge your alliance now. Join the Caged Beasts presale and be ahead of the revolution. 

Final Thought

When thinking about the next investment, there are an ample amount of presales that hold spectacular potential. Although the market is highly saturated and some presales are just like the regular mainstream coins, there are hidden gems like Ecoterra, Caged Beasts, and DeeLance which provide avenues of niche/alternative investment and hold the possibility of extremely high returns, especially if their presale performance is excellent. 

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