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These Are The Marketing Strategies Most Used By Women In Their Businesses

Marketing is one part of a business that amplifies representation and helps companies communicate their stance on a genuine model to the world. Research shows that only 37% of US citizens believe that advertisements represent women adequately.

But over the last decade, the global marketing industry has seen women rise the ranks to become trailblazers and thought leaders. To do this, there are business loans for women and marketing strategies in their arsenal they use, which is why this article presents the digital marketing methodologies and techniques most used by women who have had tremendous success in their business results. There’s also a mention of the importance of companies in the digital world.

Five Successful Digital Marketing Tools Most Used By Women In Their Businesses

Unless you use some top digital marketing tools that successful businesswomen worldwide use, you might not give your business the much-needed increase it deserves. Below are five successful digital marketing tools most used by women in business:

  • Paid Advertising: There are a lot of benefits that women can find from using paid advertising in business, especially in the digital world. You can use paid advertising to boost relevant updates and posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram while targeting a specific demographic of audience.
  • Email Marketing Tools: Email marketing tools like Iterable and MailChimp allows marketers to create email campaigns that help amplify content. Women in business have consistently encouraged their users to engage their brand and follow through with CTA’s. These tools also have email analytic features to see how your campaign performs.
  • Social Media: Social media is an essential modern-day marketing tool that gives women entrepreneurs and business owners an edge. Women entrepreneurs use platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to spread the word about their brands. With these tools, business owners put out content related to their products/services and engage new and existing customers.
  • Analytic Tools: Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, and Facebook Insights are analytical tools that help digital marketers track web traffic stats and other metrics related to optimizing campaigns and engagement.
  • Design Tools: Design tools are great for creating bright and creative ads and content like blog posts and social media posts. Tools like Photoshop and Canva make designing for marketing campaigns easy and effective even with little graphic design skills.

Cases Of Successful Companies Through Digital Channels

  • Omnicom’s DDB marketing old-timer, Wendy Clark is a force to reckon with. She’s won new business accounts with ad campaigns for major brands like Persil, McDonald’s, and Time Warner Cable. 
  • With Solange Claudio as president, Moxie, a notable Atlanta advertising agency, has gone through the largest growth period in its history. 
  • When you’ve got more than 25 years of advertising experience like Cara Scharf, founding and running New York’s Fearless Media is just one of many successful exploits you have. 
  • Lori Senecal is the global CEO of CP+B and is responsible for steering the agency through immense growth and expansion while managing ten international offices and its global business development. 
  • Katy Hornady is an Executive Creative Director for Kansas independent advertising agency called Barkley. She’s led campaigns for Vanity Fair, A-B InBev, and Hershey.

How Women Can Apply For a Business Loan

Obtaining funding such as women’s loans can vary by the lender despite the challenges women face in securing business loans. However, you will need to prepare for your application by going through your business credit and personal credit scores. Here’s how women can apply for a business loan:

  • Look For Lenders With Solid Offerings and Reputation: One of the first steps to getting business loans for women is in checking potential lenders’ reviews online. Look out for potential issues, and red flags go for lenders with the least negative reviews and complaints.
  • Observe Minimum Qualification Requirements: Look out for minimum qualifications for the different lenders you’re considering. While most traditional loans need minimum personal credit scores, some new lenders don’t require one. There’s also a need to check for the business credit score needed and compare lenders based on minimum requirements.
  • Loan Amounts and Available Rates: The available loan amounts and rates also vary by the financial lender. Here you need to evaluate the needs of your business before committing to a particular lender for business loans for women. Also, the more creditworthy you are, the more favorable the rates. Once you meet all the criteria, apply for the loan.
  • Funding Speed and Underwriting: Some traditional and SBA lenders take between a day and several months to disburse funds after submitting your loan application. So if your business needs access to loans quickly, you need to go with a lender that fits perfectly with your timeline.


A high ROI is essential if you want a successful woman-led business, and to maintain it, you need the right set of digital marketing tools and funding. Several financing alternatives are available to women entrepreneurs, such as women’s loans. With this combo, you’re on track to build a formidable business empire.

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