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These 5 Companies Drive the Majority of New U.S. LLC Incorporations


For any new business to succeed, it needs the backing of an existing business. This gives these smaller businesses a fighting chance in an incredibly competitive world by leveraging the knowledge of the umbrella company.

As a result, many LLC formations are often absorbed by more established corporations to grow both businesses. Zen Business is one of the more popular LLC formations as it offers flexible packages and pricing options.

When it comes to companies that drive the majority of new U.S. LLC incorporations, there are five global giants that lead the way. This includes Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (now known as Alphabet). Together, they are referred to as FAANG are the five best performing tech companies.


We all know the story of a chat app that was developed by college students to communicate. What was once LLC has grown to become a corporation. Facebook Inc. now owns several new LLCs that include Facebook Payments Inc., Onavo, Facebook Technologies, LLC and Facebook Technologies Ireland Limited, WhatsApp LLC and WhatsApp Ireland Limited, CrowdTangle and Facebook Pagamentos do Brasil Ltda. This list is ever-expanding as new technologies are developed.


Amazon may have started as a humble online bookstore, but it has since grown into the ultimate online shopping platform., Inc. now owns over 40 subsidiaries that include Twitch, Audible, Zappos, Shopbop, Amazon Maritime, ComiXology, Goodreads,, IMDb, Kiva Systems, Teachstreet and Whole Foods Market.


When it comes to acquiring companies, Apple really knows their stuff. In the last six years alone, they had acquired approximately 100 companies. This includes Beats Electronics and Beats Music, Siri Inc., Shazam, NeXT Software, AuthenTec and Mobeewave.


This global streaming service owns many subsidiaries that include, Millarworld, Netflix Pte. Ltd., Netflix Services UK Limited, Netflix Streaming Services International B.V., Netflix Streaming Services, Inc., Netflix Global, LLC, Netflix Studios, Netflix Services Germany GmbH, NetflixCS, Inc., Netflix Luxembourg S.a r.l., Netflix Services Korea Ltd. and Netflix Entertainment Korea Ltd.


Alphabet used to be known as Google until 2015 when the corporate structure changed. While the umbrella company changed its name, Google became an LLC and is one of the many businesses that the company operates.

Smaller Organisations Changing the Industry

While we cannot ignore the power of these five major companies and the role that they play in our world, new businesses are constantly being developed to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving world. Having said this, we want to share a few smaller companies that are set to shake things up – if they haven’t already.

9Gauge Partners, LLC, has been making headlines as it continues to make the Inc. 5000 list six years in a row. This platform is where many companies received their first national exposure and includes Patagonia, Zappos, Microsoft, Intuit, and Microsoft. This small business aims to give businesses the tools needed for their organisation to thrive and succeed. Other organisations featured on this list include Ultra Mobile, TRYFACTA, Optima Tax Relief, Castle Medical, Quick Bridge Funding, Drawbridge, StartApp, Restore Health, Scopely and

The Appeal of LLC Incorporation

Using an LLC business structure is one of the safer ways to start a business. This business structure protects owners from business-related issues as it keeps the business to one side as a separate entity. When testing the waters with a new business, this is the simplest way to go about it as LLC formations can be selected in a way that will meet your business needs best. As soon as businesses have registered and shared their offering with the world, many bigger organisations are likely to take note of what they are doing and invest accordingly.

There are so many great minds putting forward amazing ideas each day, and once their business has attracted the attention of bigger, more established companies, it will begin to grow exponentially. This has led to the growth and development of so many well-known companies. Consider where the five biggest tech companies are today and the knowledge that got them to this point, all of this can be used to disrupt the industry and change the world.

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