These 3 Coins Can Help Revive Your Portfolio In 2023


The cryptocurrency market has been almost two years of downtrend, and most crypto enthusiasts look forward to some profit. However, if you’ve been in the market long enough, you’d have made some losses in the past two years. Here are three cryptocurrencies you should buy to make your losses back and revive your portfolio in 2023.

Pepe Coin (PEPE)

The Pepe (PEPE) meme coin has been the talk of the market following its over 7000% increase after launch. All eyes have been on the meme coin, and it has spurred some exciting price actions in the meme coin market. However, after making investors millions overnight, the meme coin dropped and lost some of its momentum. Following this drop, it is getting more interesting to see PEPE gather some excitement again, showing an increase of over 12% in the last 24 hours. PEPE coin could be a meme con to watch and add to your portfolio as it offers some potential for substantial gains in 2023. 

Apecoin (APE)

Apecoin (APE) is another metaverse project looking impressive in 2023. It is the utility and governance token of the APE community and has also been a worthy investment option for savvy investors. Following some of the minor gains from alternative coins in the past few days, APE saw an increase of 1.53%, currently trading at $3.48. It might be another promising token on your radar toward the bull run.

Uwerx (WERX) Could Be A Boost To Our Portfolio In 2023

Uwerx is a new project aiming to launch on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a blockchain-based solution for the freelance industry. The cryptocurrency recently launched its Alpha version, showing users a sneak peek of what they should expect on the platform. It displays unique features, such as access to a global talent pool, a smart match feature, opportunities for higher earnings, quality assurance, and more.

The platform intends to be the next-generation freelance industry for gig workers looking to transition from the traditional and centralized platforms in the industry today. It also wants to offer users the least service fee of $1.

Uwerx has attained the 6000 sign-up mark, and it looks to do more as it opens up the opportunity for more people to sign-up during its Alpha version launch. Uwerx completed all audits and is getting ready for its final launch. Analysts predict that it would most likely be the biggest investment of 2023, and now is your best time to join in early.

Uwerx presale is on, and tokens are available for $0.041. Stage 5 is also at  a 15% bonus that can be maximized for higher profits. The WERX token is predicted to surge to at least $1.5 by Q4. That’s a decent increase for anyone who buys at the lowest on presale. Here is your best shot at positioning yourself for higher gains. Use the links below to join Uwerx on presale. 

Find out more about Uwerx here:





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