There’s a New Player in Move-to-Earn – KIKIT


Move-to-earn is the most talked about genre in blockchain gaming today, with many projects popping up. Amongst the more promising projects is Kikit.

The team has approached ‘incentivised movement’ from a new angle, improving on many move-to-earn aspects and solving a number of issues in the space today, including:

  • Gaining traction
  • NFT distribution
  • Earning potential
  • Global reach and appeal

Addressing these factors should see Kikit become a leading player in move-to-earn.

Gaining Traction

Kikit is powered by Liberty Gaming, which includes Animoca Brands as an investor, and is part of a group of businesses, including Maitri Capital, a multi strategy investment platform which includes a Crypto Hedge Fund and a soon to launch, first FCA regulated NFT Fund. This gives Kikit access to an extensive network of experts and resources. 

Liberty Gaming has also been building a global partner network outside the crypto realms, which began with PERSIB FC back in February. As we understand, negotiations are close to conclusion with a Premier League giant, as well as 1bn+ strong asian sporting community! 

These relationships provide Kikit with direct access to a huge global user base, and have already generated significant interest from investors that see this sector as being the pathway to crypto mass adoption.  It’s no surprise that Kikit’s private round, co-led by Liberty Gaming and Maitri Capital, is close to completion.

NFT Distribution

There are great games and guilds out there, but there’s a persistent problem across the board — waiting lists. Kikit has discovered there are at least 500,000 scholarship applicants just waiting to play! 

The Kikit team estimates up to 20% of their user base will be through account rentals. Through the Liberty Gaming relationship, they plan to issue an initial 100,000 accounts that will be distributed for rental. As the Kikit team stated, “there are around one million scholarship applicants globally, and we plan to satisfy this demand. Kikit will also bring scholar-specific gameplay features in addition to our account rental system.”

It’s clear that Kikit’s reach stretches far beyond scholars and the crypto space, into the gaming world, the health, fitness and sports industry, and anyone with an interest in healthy living!

Earning Potential

Kikit’s goal is to encourage healthier living through the gamification and monetisation of exercise. A key differentiator with Kikit is the mix of value drivers, seamlessly blending personal, social, material and financial incentives. This will boost user retention and engagement levels, putting Kikit in an incredibly strong position to secure its long-term sustainability.

The core earnings appeal for GameFi is financial, and we’ve seen projects reach $1000+ a month in user earnings. However, this happened through a lot of hype and proved unsustainable. It’s too risky to guarantee figures, but the earning possibilities and wider incentive structures proposed with Kikit promises to be very appealing and they are confident they will offer best in class earnings: “our users are the core focus of the rewards system and it is designed to enhance their experience and maximise benefits for all.”

Global Appeal

While play-to-earn has huge popularity, its core user base is in less developed countries, whereas the move-to-earn genre has much wider appeal. Move-to-earn is easily incorporated into daily lives, creating opportunities to reward activity without setting aside specific time. Your walk to work, morning jog, weekly football training, can now be monetised. The real kicker here is the potential for mass-adoption. Kikit, along with its partner Liberty Gaming, have spotted this opportunity and are poised to capitalise on it. 

To Summarise

Invention causes evolution, and blockchain gaming is no different. The move-to-earn sector has just begun, and Kikit has its sights set on raising the bar, bringing evolution to this new category. 

Contact: Oliver Mills

Location: British Virgin Islands


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