TheFutbolCoin (TFC) Launches ‘TFA Worldwide Association’ to boost digital assets use in football

The sports universe is gradually intertwined with cryptocurrencies as several projects build a functioning community around their tokens. Over the past few years, top football clubs such as FC Barcelona, AS Roma, Real Madrid, AC Milan, and Atletico Madrid have all integrated fan tokens that can be used in purchasing tickets, merchandise, and rewarding top fans. 

As crypto continues to build its roots in the sporting world, one project – TheFutbolCoin (TFC), built on Stellar blockchain – is focusing on larger and more proven economic value and  “monetizing attention given to football and enabling a digital economy around the sport to benefit every player, fan and organization”. 

TheFutbolCoin token – A new economic system for football fans

The TFC project’s core is the TFA app, a mobile application on iOS and Android App stores, which connects fans and clubs to the TFC ecosystem. The app is vastly growing in numbers and ratings with a monthly rate of 8% – recording a 4.8 rating in the Google Play App Store with active users averagely spending 24 minutes per day on the app.

According to the website, advertisers on the app must use the TFC coin to run their ads. These coins are obtained by providing goods and services on the app. The tokens are stored in a secure and easy-to-use TFC wallet – embedded within the TFA app. 

TFA Association is led by Shareen Qureshi, a former Director at Barclays Bank, who has worked with Premier League clubs and owners, and Stefan Lindeman, a former CEO at LGT Fund Management, the largest family-owned bank in the world. With previous connections in football and finance, the board members look forward to boosting the adoption of TFA and TFC in a bid to build a community around its TFC economy and the world of sports. 

The launch of the TFA Worldwide Association

To increase its presence across the world, the TFA Association launched a non-profit firm, the “TFA Worldwide Association”, based in Zug, Switzerland. The association aims at educating football clubs and fans on digital assets while integrating them into the economic community created around TFC. 

So far, TFA has entered a partnership with Livingston FC, a Scottish Premier League team, allowing fans to pay for tickets and merchandise using TFC tokens. The football club becomes the first partner in TFA Worldwide Association, which is looking to add more partners in the future. 

Notwithstanding, TFA is also in partnership with Alexander College in Cyprus, which has started accepting full payment for five online degree courses in TFC tokens. 

Recently, TFA launched a meme token, PANDA, on the Binance Smart Chain to give fans and holders an opportunity to mint, buy and sell NFTs on the app. Despite the current crypto market downturn, the PANDA token has steadily risen over 4000% since its launch on Pancakeswap late last week. 

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