The Ziwwe Project: A Decentralized Exchange

Featuring digital asset swaps, lending and global money remittance.

In volume six of the Journal of Financial Regulation, the authors state that, “DeFi (‘decentralized finance’) has joined FinTech (‘financial technology’), RegTech (‘regulatory technology’), cryptocurrencies, and digital assets as one of the most discussed emerging technological evolutions in global finance.” This journal, which was published in 2020, illuminated the impact of DeFi on global financial discourse. Since then, DeFi platforms have become increasingly prevalent. 

There are many DeFi applications and projects that are set up, or in the works. Consumers opt to utilize these platforms or projects for a variety of reasons. Many turn to them as a way to trade, lend and borrow popular cryptocurrencies. It is important to note that DeFi is an extension and expansion on crypto remittance. 

Ziwwe is a new project in the crypto space that is operating to serve communities that are unbanked. The project aims to create exposure for the unbanked to the global economy within the decentralized framework of crypto. 

What is the Purpose of DeFi Applications and Projects?

Decentralized finance operates without a central authority. This is one appealing facet of DeFi that consumers are most invested in. Not having a central authority, means that any traditional economic authority, like banks, are excluded. 

Another important aspect of DeFi is its transparency and security. DeFi does not require consumers to identify themselves, or provide any detailed information about themselves. This differentiates DeFi from traditional financial institutions who require substantial amounts of personal information for financial management and asset handling. This anonymity has proven to be advantageous for many consumers. Similarly, the transparency of crypto is a unique selling point compared to traditional financial institutions. Crypto ensures that data is available to anyone at any time. This is as a result of the blockchain, which stores and records data in a manner that is impenetrable. This not only ensures safety for consumers, but fairness in transactions. 

Many projects have been initiated to further the principles of DeFi and expand on the available framework of crypto. Most projects provide a space for consumers to trade, lend and borrow a set variety of cryptocurrencies. Others combine DeFi with venture capital to support and fund other crypto projects. 


A notable DeFi project to have emerged is Ziwwe. This project is aimed at the unbanked, and hopes to provide this clientele with an introduction to the global market. Ziwwe regards itself as the, “first decentralized money remittance service, decentralized exchange, and lending to be built on the Bitgert Blockchain.”  Ziwwe will also be a launchpad for the most scrutinized and vetted decentralized projects. 

The project hopes to provide the unbanked with borderless transactions, and allow them to trade globally. This in turn will help developing nations develop their economies in a diversified, transparent and non-traditional way. It also ensures that these nations do not have to rely on traditional financial institutions that charge levies and fees for international transactions and trade. 

Ziwwe is positioned to have a competitive advantage over other decentralized exchanges and lending protocols as a result of a clean and simplistic user interface which maximizes user’s experiences, with a focus on the less savvy unbanked population. Similarly, the project will utilize a bridge to connect with cross-chain assets on networks such as Bitgert, Binance, Moonbeam, Polygon, Ethereum, Avalanche and many others. The project also has very competitive rewards for lending and farming tokens.

The Ziwwe platform offers many features. This includes Stable Asset Remittance (ZEI), which allows consumers to send ZEI to anyone, and to their local banks with their local currencies. Similarly, users can also borrow ZEI at competitive rates. Consumers can also stake their ZIT, and provide liquidity, which renders them eligible for annual rewards. 

Final Thoughts

Decentralized finance, despite its risks, is becoming increasingly popular within the global economy. Many are drawn to its transparency and security, or its separation from central authorities. There are already many DeFi applications, platforms and projects available to consumers, and many are in the works. This indicates that DeFi is evolving and changing to meet consumer needs within the crypto environment. Ziwwe is a new DeFi project that aims to provide the unbanked with exposure to the global financial market, within the confines of the decentralized crypto space. 

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