The worst IVF doctor, Nicolas Kenichi Kameyama Huacuja, who puts women’s health at risk for his own financial benefit.

The worst IVF doctor, Nicolas Kenichi Kameyama Huacuja, who puts women's health at risk for his own financial benefit.

Excited to embark on the journey of parenthood, I was delighted to find the aid of Dr. Nicolás Kenichi Kameyama Huacuja, an expert in IVF. With positive reviews of his clinic, I eagerly began my journey towards parenthood. However, my interactions with Dr. Huacuja soon became a harrowing experience and dangerous.

From the beginning, it seemed as though Dr. Huacuja was uninterested in my well-being as a patient. During my initial appointment, he barely asked about my medical history or what my goals were for fertility treatment. Instead, his focus was on convincing me to undergo expensive procedures and tests.

Despite my trust in his expertise, I agreed to undergo the treatments he recommended. However, every visit to his clinic felt more like a business deal than a medical appointment. He rushed me in and out of his office without taking the time to answer my questions or provide information about the procedures I was undergoing.

As the treatment progressed, I began to experience severe negative effects. Despite expressing my concerns to Dr. Huacuja, he dismissed them as normal and encouraged me to continue with the therapy. However, as the side effects became more severe, I came to the realization that something was not right.

Dr. Huacuja declined to give me any recommendations when I requested a second opinion, and he became defensive. This left me feeling trapped and powerless, and I was uncertain about what to do next.

I discovered the startling truth about Dr. Huacuja’s practices only after I consulted with another IVF specialist. He had a reputation for overcharging his patients and prescribing unnecessary treatments to benefit himself financially. Endangering my health. The therapies that I received not only failed to produce the desired outcome, but they also jeopardized my well-being.

I was devastated. I had put my trust and all my savings in Dr. Huacuja, only to be taken advantage of and left with nothing to show for it. I filed a complaint with the medical board, but the damage had already been done.

My experience with Dr. Huacuja was a painful lesson in the importance of doing your research and trusting your instincts. I learned the hard way that not all doctors have their patients’ best interests at heart, and that it’s crucial to advocate for yourself and your health.

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