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The World’s First Phygital Timepiece Is Unveiled by Monovant™

Greece, 21 December 2023 – Monovant, a pioneer in the convergence of fashion and technology, proudly presents the world’s first “phygital” timepiece—a pioneering merger of horological creativity with cutting-edge technology. This revolutionary work seamlessly connects the realms of reality with the ever-expanding metaverse, altering the terrain of personal expression across both physical and digital domains.

Reality and Metaverse Harmony

A beautifully crafted timepiece with a unique semi-precious Jasper stone dial sits at the heart of Monovant’s line. Each stone is painstakingly carved, polished, and hand-selected, providing a one-of-a-kind statement that reflects the personality of each owner. This physical watch is accompanied with a precisely Designed digital twin, allowing wearers to expand their particular style into virtual realms such as Decentraland, Ready Player Me, and Roblox.

Effortless Integration

To obtain one of the 100 limited edition pieces of this first-ever phygital watch, simply submit your email address and crypto wallet address during the ordering process. The digital counterparts of your distinctive physical watch will be instantly transferred to you win the form of unique digital assets (wearables) without incurring any additional costs or charges. These assets are ready for use across thousands of metaverse worlds, including games, online concerts, novel immersive experiences, and even virtual conferences, all at no additional cost.

A True Extension of Identity

The groundbreaking method of Monovant converts the watch into a true extension of the wearer’s virtual personality, beyond mere timekeeping to become a striking statement in everyday life and the vast metaverse.

Integrating Fashion and Technology

The seamless marriage of high-end craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology demonstrates Monovant’s dedication to the convergence of fashion and technology. The watch exhibits a design concept that blends elegance and innovation while remaining true to traditional horology.

You’ll Enjoy These Technical Features

With a diameter of 38mm and a small 8.3mm thickness, this clock comfortably fits wrists of all sizes.

Durability Redefined: 

This watch is water-resistant up to 100m and made of strong 316L stainless steel with a domed Sapphire crystal, offering extreme durability for all your activities.

Supercharged Performance: 

Powered by a Swiss Supercharged Movement, our watch has a remarkable 10-year battery life, giving dependable and long-lasting performance.

Always visible: 

Our timepiece, outfitted with Swiss Super-LumiNova C3 Lume, illuminates the time in every situation, ensuring visibility and style day or night.

Innovative Virtual Showroom Experience

Monovant extends its imaginative spirit to a custom virtual showroom, where visitors can create personalised avatars and discover cutting-edge watches within a digital environment in only a few seconds. This reimagines luxury and exclusivity, establishing a new standard for the future of one-of-a-kind timepieces. 

Accept the Future of Personalised Connection and Expression:

Monovant invites you to embrace a new era of personalised connection and expression by pioneering this groundbreaking blend of fashion and technology. Explore the endless possibilities that the phygital timepiece unlocks in this remarkable voyage where elegance and technology meet to redefine personal expression.

Join the Waitlist for Priority Access.

With the Launch of this ground-breaking phygital watch, Monovant envisions a future in which the integration of physical and digital is seamless, providing individuals with unprecedented experiences. Join the waitlist to acquire the most distinctive timepiece of the future, and stay alert for upcoming releases that will continue to push the boundaries, offering innovative items in line with the growing dynamics of our linked world.

Monovant Information

This Greek startup, founded by Christos Vasileiadis, a passionate young watch lover, aims to change people’s perceptions of the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. The firm is committed to upholding the highest standards of traditional horology and quality in all of its endeavours as it pioneers a future of connectivity and unique expression.



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