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The Worlds Best Pro Cycling Teams Ride Together to Create Road Code – a New Digital Fan Universe 

The pro cycling industry has historically lagged behind in creating an ideal digital space that provides easy access to leading teams, races and cycling content for one of the largest sports on the planet. Now 10 of the best professional cycling teams in the world are taking the lead in building their own community-driven online universe for the pro riders themself, loyal fans, fantasy league players, and amateur cyclists from around the world, all under the platform – Road Code.

Best Pro Cycling Teams

Velon and the Velon Teams have partnered with The HBAR Foundation to deliver the first ever fan universe for pro-road cycling, built on the Hedera public network. Using the latest technology available to showcase the sport and introduce new ways for fans to engage with riders, teams and races.

Road Code, set to launch early 2023, is cycling’s first fan universe, a complete Web3 ecosystem for the sport. Road Code grants unique access to the riders’ expert knowledge, specialized training programs, an advanced fantasy game that allows fans to play between and during all major pro cycling races. It provides access to never-before-seen behind the scenes footage of some of the toughest and most beautiful races in the world, including bike-cams, and content guaranteed to add an extremely unique perspective on the drama and glory of cycling.

The first phase of Road Code will be for cycling fans to claim their user account by submitting their email addresses. Upon clicking the email confirmation they will receive, users will then be automatically assigned a user account. Having an account provides members access to premium content and the ability to hold their digital collectibles and in-game assets before the start of the next season in 2023. All early account holders will be whitelisted for further drops, exclusive promotions and provide direct access to professional road cycling to the value of a EUR99. Additionally community members will be able to shape the outcome and direction of the platform in the future.. To join this allow list, visits <here>

Graham Bartlett, CEO, Velon, said: “Our mission is to create a first-of-its-kind platform that grants access to the most relevant and exciting cycling content for fans and sports lovers around the world. Road Code’s mission is to bring the best from the teams to the fans by creating a new community the fans can truly be part of. We want to invite everyone to participate in building the digital cycling universe of the future.”

Cycling is a green sport with a very low carbon impact, and it was with this in mind why Road Code made the logical choice in building on Hedera (native token: $HBAR), an energy efficient, cost effective, leaderless proof-of-stake protocol, to develop the lead in the next big thing within cycling.

Road Code is a partnership between Velon and HBAR Foundation, and in association with Immortal Projects, and Reality+ who have joined forces in their mutual love for the world of professional cycling, technology and sustainability. 

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