WinMiner One-Click Mining Solution Makes You Money Even When You Walk Away

Since the release of Bitcoin, mining has been the only way to generate more cryptocurrency. Mining is also the reason for the high security and immutability of the blockchain. Cryptocurrency was initially designed to be completely decentralized and to stop a single authority from having full control over the system.

However, a few people around the world have set up large private data centers just for mining cryptocurrencies. This is obstructing the initial idea of decentralization. Thus, Winminer was introduced in order to give the power of mining back to the public.

Winminer: Decentralizing the Mining space

Winminer is a computer software that lets you rent out your computer’s unused computing power. Winminer is designed in such a way that it identifies when your PC’s full potential is not being utilized and rents out that unused power. This ensures that none of the other tasks running on the computer are affected.

Winminer recently announced the official launch of their software for the public. The platform offers a one-click solution to the mining problem and has been running in test mode for a while now. Due to its smart capabilities, it has already attracted 160,000 registered users. This only goes on to show how good the software they built actually is.

What is Great about the Winminer Software?

So, this question might arise in the minds of many people. Why not use a traditional mining software instead? Winminer is completely different from any other mining software out there. To begin with, no other mining software out there is as easy to set up as Winminer. You require a certain level of technical knowledge before you can begin mining using the traditional mining software. Winminer, on the other hand, is like any other plug and play device out there. You simply download and install the software on your PC and you are ready to embark on your quest as a miner.

Winminer is also the only mining software out there that lets you do any other work on your PC while you are mining cryptocurrency simultaneously. The software was carefully designed to adjust to the amount of computing power available on each computer. If your device isn’t being used, then the entire computing power will be used for the mining operation. However, if you are doing some other work on your PC then the computing power being used for mining reduces.

Therefore, this gives you the optimal experience when using your PC and at the same time, helps you earn some extra bucks. Traditional miners on the other hand lack this feature, leading to you having to set the mining power manually in order to use your computer for some other work while mining cryptocurrency simultaneously.

You can get paid in terms of Amazon gift cards, cryptocurrency or straight up cash if you want it. The payout supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. This ensures that every user gets what he wants instead of being forced to have only one payout option.


The Winminer mining software is a positive move in order to make the blockchain more decentralized. Being able to use your computer for both mining and other activities is another great advantage to have. Now that the software is officially available, more people will start to use it, make money from it and at the same time, help further decentralization of the blockchain.

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