The weekly Crypto analysis. How the cryptocurrencies that were the TOP GAINERS on Coingecko one week ago are behaving.



Analysis and comparison between ZENC COIN, MIRRORED NETFLIX, MM72, top Coingecko gainers on 01/06/22. A scenario that is far from comfortable for investors, which nevertheless saves only one Crypto.




PERFORMANCES: The top gainer of 01/06/22 continues to surprise with a new performance of + 462.8%. At least apparently. On the other hand, we find obvious anomalies with respect to what is reported on Coingecko.

The first is undoubtedly to be traced back to the line of the stock trend graph. It appears decidedly artificial. But let’s go further.

The main markets on which there are transactions are: DEX-TRADE and TOKPIE. Both show worrying indicators. Negative trust core for both and while tokpie appears to be the main market with about $ 100K of transactions in the last 24 hrs, Dex-Trade does not show transactions, also showing a spread of 88.69%. 

The price is currently $0.0109


WHITEPAPER: On the official website we find: “The main purpose of this project is to provide the user with a secure and anonymous platform for secure transactions.” 

The contract recently underwent a migration, justified on the website with the main reason that the previous cryptocurrency did not support NFT. However, beyond the technical information we do not find a concrete explanation of the project, beyond the fact that the new cryptocurrency can make “millionaires”. 

The whitepaper looks like a “copy and paste” from another project. There is no trace of the apps described on the web, nor of the aforementioned “ZENC SWAP” scheduled for January 1, 2022. There are no updates except the announcement of the migration.


LIQUIDITY: Only $ 1,510! Total absence of liquidity


TOKENOMICS: No tokens blocked. The vast majority (73.5%) is destined for the market. 10% to the Team. A highly risky tokenomics that does not in any way guarantee investors on possible trades.


MARKETING: There is no trace of marketing on the web. No news. Few videos mostly coming from twitter and no influencer accredited as such. Twitter scores only 137 followers and 134 tweets.


CONCLUSIONS: The project is incomplete. The data even more and it seems to be conditioned by the “bots” given the uniform graph. The total absence of defined marketing cannot guarantee the continuation and adequate success of the project. The presence on minor exchanges and the lack of liquidity seems to confirm the absence of budgets for the development of the initiative. The appearance is therefore that of a token mined exclusively for speculative purposes. Highly risky investment.




PERFORMANCES: This crypto was banned by Coingecko. On Coinmarketcap it has a substantial loss and a market cap that has slipped to just $ 10,000. Priced at a whopping $ 2.59. Transaction volume: Zero. On the rating is weak.


WHITEPAPER: The website as well as the whitepaper is not available.


LIQUIDITY: Not Available!


TOKENOMICS: Not Available!


MARKETING: The (probably non-authorized) use of the brand “Netflix” has certainly misled many authoritative portals, first of all BINANCE. However, beyond the well-known trackers there is no marketing trace.


CONCLUSIONS: The current information available would seem to think of a scam.


3) MM72


PERFORMANCES: Compared to a week ago, the token has lost about 99.7% slipping to a value of $ 0.000014. However, the cause of the collapse is clear from the project website. The token was the victim of a sensational scam still visible at with which users are invited to send a minimum of $ 50 in MM72 to a certain wallet to obtain a giveaway that allows you to triple the sum sent . As we read from the scam site, the scammers collected about 400 million tokens from users who promptly and progressively sold out on the markets, generating the collapse of the stock price.


WHITEPAPER: The project is undoubtedly innovative, well structured and promising. The whitepaper is concise but very clear. The MM72 token is the cornerstone of the MM72 project aimed at solving the problem of junk tokens through the creation of an innovative swap that allows the conversion of Non Performing Tokens to a value from 10 to 100 times higher than any value guaranteed by any CEX or DEX swaps on the market. This will be possible through a proprietary algorithm that combines the logic of Air Drop Marketing with a Swap Multiplier which thus allows an undoubted benefit to users who have suffered scams or are in their own low-value wallets assets.


LIQUIDITY: $ 686,082. Good.


TOKENOMICS: Tokenomics presents encouraging data. 30% of locked liquidity and 89% intended for liquidity mining, loyalty activities for holders. The team reserved only 1% of the entire supply in addition to having renounced ownership of the contract, which implies the guarantee that new tokens cannot be mined


MARKETING: Marketing has skills that are absolutely adequate for the project’s stature. Considering that the token was only mined on 26/04/22, it has already successfully performed 5 listings and has made people talk about it all over the world. In fact, there are articles in authoritative media such as FOX NEWS, SNBC, CBS and hundreds of financial publications from around the world. Then there is a twitter profile of a few thousand followers and several videos on youtube of well-known influencers who have revised the project. Probably the attention that this project is attracting to itself has not escaped the scammers who have taken advantage of it by organizing what has been reported above.


CONCLUSIONS: The one that turned out to be the third gainers a week ago and currently the token that showed the largest loss turns out to be the most promising project in terms of strategy, liquidity, market penetration, marketing and followers. The collapse of the current price in fact seems to be able to attract the so-called whales in order to be able to create a big speculation. But even small investors with a few dollars today could benefit by buying millions of tokens which, if kept, could give satisfaction.


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