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The Wackiest Japanese Cars You Can Buy Today

Automobiles have become essential to most people. Aside from providing a means of transportation, it also provides an option to move things from one place to another. At some point, car designs became similar to each other. This could probably be the reason why some car manufacturers and enthusiasts decided to create a twist on their products.

Japan is known for its contribution to technology. It has numerous innovations that became commercially produced, where they added a twist to common products. They have even applied it to cars – where they have applied their advanced engineering techniques and successfully sold them to the global market. Here are some unique car models that originated from Japan that became readily accessible to car buyers.

Kei cars

If you have never heard about it, you are one of those who asked the question: What’s Kei car? Don’t worry, it is possible that you might not really know about it. These are microcars that could be extremely small, yet they can be legally driven on highways or city roads. It is believed that almost all Japanese car manufacturers have their own version of the said car. There is also a truck version, which you’ll be surprised to see a smaller version of the heavy-duty ones. 

Uniquely designed Sports cars

Though the company behind these uniquely designed sports cars has terminated its production of these, it is still one of the craziest Japanese cars ever available in the market. These kinds of cars are known for their distinct shape and sometimes flashy colors. One of the best examples is the cars produced by the automobile company Mitsuoka. Though most of them are just concept cars, some of them made their way to commercial production. 

Ultra-fast cars

Though European cars are more popular with car enthusiasts for speed, there are many Japanese-produced cars that are very fast. When we mean very fast, you might not expect a car to go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5 seconds, like the Nissan BladeGlider. Though this is a concept car, there are plenty of Japanese-produced cars that answer the “Need for Speed”. Most of them are released by Nissan, Honda, and Mazda which are all Japanese automobile companies. 

Mini Vans

Though this could be considered as part of Kei cars, many commercially produced Japanese minivans are extremely small yet very comfortable to ride on. However, this is in consideration of Asian people who are usually slimmer and have an average height compared to Westerners. Just like the Japanese Kei trucks, these cars have an unbelievable cargo capacity and are very efficient in fuel usage. Apart from this, they can fit into narrow roads compared to standard vans that could get too bulky. 

If you have already visited Japan, you’ll never get short of items that are unique yet cleverly designed. They have simple solutions to everyday tasks, which makes the job easier. It would also reflect in their cars, as seen on the list above. If anything sparked your interest, there are plenty of dealers selling used Japanese cars that are in great condition with the best prices on the market.

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