The Viewer’s Sight by Input Agency: The Gems of Degamefi Meetup


On June 23, Degamefi’s fourth meetup of 2023 hosted Faraj Abutalibov, a Co-founder at FD CAPITAL, Founder of Crypto Executives (a leading community of over 2000 top-level executives), and Co-founder of EYWA Crosschain Protocol. Faraj arrived from Dubai to join the closed event in the heart of Tbilisi that gathered over 50 attendees from various industries, from VCs to blockchain game studios.

As loyal media partners, the Input agency team attended the event, gathering the most important things for you.

The Gems of the Meetup: a Short Overview

Before entering crypto and Web3, Faraj spent 15 years in oil & gas and delved into the blockchain field with intensive self-education.

Faraj’s speech’s major focus was fundraising in a bear market. “Bull market will come very suddenly, and you need to be prepared well with your deck, team, and product and get seen at industry events. The best way to raise money is one you are sure of. The percentage of VCs interested in equity is very low still, these are tokens first and then equity.”

Faraj advised CEOs and founders to submit projects to accelerator programs and never stop education. Later he revealed some strategies for community growth and token distribution models and, most curiously, the standards of how VCs evaluate them. 

Then the quests of Degamefi delved into the history of Georgia and invited to enjoy the art pieces of Natela Potskhveriya and her exhibition that were inspired and infused by Georgian heritage and national clothes design. Natela is a fashion journalist with 15 years of experience, a lecturer, and a member of the Georgian Fashion Foundation.

She is the founder of “Georgian Infusion,” a blockbuster exhibition project celebrating Georgian heritage and its multifaceted interconnections with international fashion, art, and other cultural scenes. During the event, Natela presented the forthcoming strategies of “Georgian Infusion” regarding the incorporation of Web3 technology: NFT early passes and limited collection of NFTs, and an online platform for angel patrons of the exhibition.

Industry Voices on Joining Private Club

“As the founder of Web3 Women Space, I was delighted to attend the Degamefi Private Club June Meetup. This event offered a remarkable opportunity to connect with highly competent professionals in the Web3 field and explore a wide array of topics, from investment strategies in a bear market to venture capitalists’ considerations for Web3 start-ups. The addition of insights into the influence of the Georgian art and fashion industry made it truly exceptional. Kudos to Degamefi Team for their exceptional organization of every gathering, which contributes to the growth of a high-quality Web3 community in Georgia and beyond.” Maria Voskanyan – Founder of Web3 Women Space.

“This is the first time my colleague Teti Kamyshanova and I attended the Degamefi event as partners, and, I am confident, it won’t be the last. We witness how the Georgian Web3 community evolves, and it is vital for us to keep up with all the regional updates of the industry. As organic PR experts, we are eager to learn the insights first-hand, and the Degamefi meetup is a great opportunity to connect with beautiful minds of the Georgian tech sector.” – Oxy Sherr – PR Consultant at Input PR & Marketing agency.

“It is important to recognize that the primary objective of club members today is to enhance their capital and professional expertise. DEGAMEFI Private Club effectively addresses this need by assisting its members in achieving these goals. To my knowledge, the forthcoming initiative from Degamefi involves the establishment of the biggest Georgian community for WEB3 investors and founders.” – Georgiy Avaliani, ML engineer.

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