The VersoView Publish, Engage and Reward AI Ecosystem Opens the Door for Corporate & Retail Publishing

Large corporations, retail giants, brands and other publishers all manage a huge catalogue of current and back-dated printed material. With the sheer volume of printed documents, magazines, and other publications running into the 10’s of thousands of pages, conversion to digital formats creates a bit of a conundrum.

The aging Flip-Book method which involves the manual conversion of printed media to PDF is laborious, unsuited to the demands of the modern business, and becomes less economically viable as the content backlog grows. Some larger corporations favour dedicated branded App creation, which offers an enjoyable, modernized experience for the user, yet can require the hiring of an entire development team at a high cost.

As none of these options are unable to guarantee a balance between user experience and cost, there is room in the publishing market for a seamless, affordable all-in-one solution that suits corporations and digital content providers to publish, engage and reward. 

What is VersoView?

VersoView is an engagement and rewards platform with the potential to become a thriving central hub for the needs of corporate and retail publishing worldwide. The publishing innovators have developed a patent-pending AI web app that can act as a gateway through which thriving corporate and retail communities are created, facilitated and rewarded. 

VersoViews unique AI-powered blockchain-based automated service is designed to seamlessly transfer printed PDF material to digital format through a web-based app integrated for iOS and Android. This groundbreaking new tech offers an ideal solution for users in the corporate and retail industry who deal with large volumes of material and are looking to create a holistic incentivized ecosystem that will grow their communities, and benefit all parties involved. 

Publish, Engage, Reward

VersoViews AI-powered platform goes much further than a simple publishing solution is an entire ecosystem with its own native VVT token that incentivizes corporations, retail businesses, publishers, advertisers, and whole communities for their involvement. 

VersoView achieves this through its ecosystem pool which facilitates VVT staking for all users for the minting of social branded tokens. Users can then use these branded social tokens to stimulate their own communities, rewarding them for their involvement.

VersoView Ecosystem Pool 

Both VersoView subscription revenue and advertising revenue are utilized in the VersoView Ecosystem pool. Subscription revenue is used to buy VVT which are then used to act as the lifeblood of the ecosystem. 

2.5% of the subscription revenue is split evenly with half for staking and half locked in increase liquidity. This ecosystem model helps to increase revenue for publishers foster community engagement, while subscribers will see rewards for their loyalty.  

The Advertising revenue operates in the same way with slightly varied percentages and thus the overall harmony of the ecosystem is guaranteed. Publishers create content, content generates advertising income, and the VVT token is used for staking and incentivizing the entire ecosystem so that all parties are equally rewarded for their involvement. 

Unrealized Market Potential

There is a huge amount of unrealized potential in the publishing market, and VersoView is harnessing the rapidly emerging technologies of AI and blockchain to jump to the head of the queue. Right now there are over 2 million global publishers, 500,000 global agencies and 133 million companies in need of publishing services worldwide. Despite this huge untapped worldwide market the average number publishing subscriptions is tiny, with some publishers garnering only a couple of subscriptions. 

Central Hub for Global Publishing

VersoViews tokenized ecosystem pool is the perfect framework to support a global centralized hub for corporate business and retail publishing. Through AI and blockchain the publication leader has forged a seamless, user-friendly experience for printed content to be consumed across web, Android and iOS. 

VersoView and VersoRewards come together to connect the right audience with high-quality media, stimulating the growth of engaged and incentivized blockchain-powered communities developed around the clients publications, brands, and organizations. At the same time offers a comprehensive revenue platform for content creators, publishers, and readers that rewards them for quality content, advertising, digital views and subscription loyalty. 

With the Alpha release already out, three months ahead of schedule with five-star airline Garuda Indonesia, and the beta release just around the corner, there is no better for corporations or retail businesses to join the ecosystem than now. To learn more about Verso Rewards check out this link.

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