The Utemis Team Members Decentralizing Latin America

The Utemis Platform introduced Latin America to the many benefits of transacting in a Decentralized System. All of this was made possible by a team of extraordinary and experienced individuals. In case you don’t know who they are, you are in luck! Here are the members of the Utemis team:

The Utemis Founding Team

  •    Dr. Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere

Dr Juan is the CEO of Utemis. He is an MR degree holder from Harvard University and has obtained an MBA IE from Business School, as well as a PhD from Complutense University. Being an authority on disruptive innovations, in 2015 Juan was shortlisted for the Thinkers 50 awards. He is a member of the UNESCO Observatory of Digital Technology, Netexplo, and has successfully founded two companies.

  •    Daniel Ortiz Uribe

Daniel is a serial entrepreneur with degrees in Industrial Designing from Universidad de los Andes, and an OMP IE from Business School. He has successfully founded three companies (,, and, and has raised two VC series worth over $1 million. Daniel is expert on scale-ups and is currently a mentor at Connect Bogota region.

The UTEMIS Technical Team

  •    Antonio Codina

Antonio holds a BA in engineering and has over 15 years of experience being a coder developer. He is an SEO specialist who has successfully led a team of over 20 people and has been in charge of implementing the technology infrastructure in over 100 companies.

  •    Francisco Denia

Francisco has a BA in computer science, during which he specialized in SMX. He has experience as a developer of Python-based multiplatform apps, Android and IOS. Over the years, he has specialized in programming languages like HTLML5, JS,  and PHP, and also in environments associated with the development of multiplatform.

The UTEMIS Advisory Board

  •    Higinio Guillamon Duch

Higinio is a Mechanical Engineering degree holder from the Polytechnic University of Barcelona, and also obtained an MIT from Sloan School of Management. He has held directorships and seats in senior management and has been an adviser to major insurance companies, infrastructure corporations, technology companies, and banks. He is a long-time entrepreneur and investors who adopted the use of the internet in its early days and has been a participant in numerous internet innovations.

  •    Nicolas De Narvaez

Nicolas is a BA and MBA degree holder from the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, a TA in Mathematical banking, Financial Modeling, and Finance Investments, and is an associate of Goldman and Sachs, Latin America Investment Banking company. Nicolas is an Advisor to major governments, technology companies, investors, and banks, and has carried out industry and business analysis on a couple of investment potentials in Latin America.

  •    Jaime Pascual

Jaime is graduate of the Barcelona School of Management, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where he studied Financial Management. He has over 35 years of professional banking experience and is a registered European Investment Practitioner of EFPA (European Financial Planning Association).

With a team of highly experienced professionals, you can be assured that the future of UTEMIS is in great hands.

Find out more on Utemis website:

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