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The use of Blockchain Technology in Entertainment

Just a few months ago, the blockchain technology seemed a salvation for many spheres of modern society, including the gaming industry. The developers talked about the anonymity, transparency and honesty of game process, guaranteed by blockchain. Brilliant ideas and projects designed to find a way out for players and casino owners came up against a number of obstacles related to the work of the blockchain technology itself, network scalability and transaction speed.

The main problem of existing casinos on blockchain was low transaction speed. In an effort to make every turn and the process of generating random numbers fair and transparent, developers were faced with the fact that the game process on blockchain proved to be very slow and unstable. This turned out to be critical for online casinos and games. A wide discussion of blockchain’s shortcomings began after the Ethereum network was overloaded due to the huge number of CryptoKitties players. It became obvious that at this stage the technology was not suitable for applications and games that involved a large number of transactions.

The developers of decentralized applications began to look for a way out of the current situation and invent technologies that could improve the performance of applications on blockchain. One solution was proposed by the FairWin team, creating a gaming platform on the Ethereum blockchain. To speed up transactions, the developers plan to use a special technology – FairChannel. This allows you to make only two on-chain transactions on the FairWin platform – at the beginning and at the end of the game, when the player deposits and withdraws coins from his game account. All game turns take place inside FairChannel.

It is impossible to imagine an online casino game without a random number generator (RNG). The FairWin platform uses the RNG that runs inside FairChannel. The sequences of numbers are generated in the RNG using atmospheric noise.

This solution guarantees players the honesty of the game, eliminates the possibility of manipulating winnings by casinos, players or third parties, ensures high game speed, allows you to optimize the load on the Ethereum network and reduce the cost of game turns.

Another advantage of blockchain games is anonymity. Often, when registering on online sites, players are forced to provide a lot of personal data, including the real name and place of residence. Despite the fact that it is done for players’ safety, it is alarming to many. Blockchain guarantees anonymity to players and at the same time provides transparency – every game session and its outcome are visible in the blockchain, which allows every player to have access to the game statistics on the platform.

By now, the FairWin team has launched an alpha version of the platform. There are 8 games in the Showcase that can be tested on blockchain (“ Play” button). Among them are two original FairWin games (Top Drop about smugglers in Colombia and Yggdrasil, a game about the magic tree from Norse mythology) and 6 classic slots. All games are available to play for free with test FWIN tokens.

The release of the platform’s beta version is expected in 2019.

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