The Universal Pickle Project — From Digital to Physical

Recent trends in the cryptocurrency space have shifted towards utility tokens, which offer some benefits beyond the ownership of a digital asset a user purchases on the blockchain. However, there hasn’t been anything quite like Universal Pickle yet. A unique crypto project that is far more than another mere cryptocurrency, the project is poised to lead the pack of these utility tokens.


Universal Pickle stands out from the swelling tide of emerging crypto projects because it is the first token in history to integrate with the food industry — an industry upon which everyone in the world relies. By integrating with the food industry, Universal Pickle will allow you to purchase pickles on both the blockchain and in real life, thanks to a brand of pickles that is planned to soon hit store shelves. Indeed, there is bound to be a revolution in the crypto market; one in which developers will attempt to create something similar to Universal Pickle’s success.


The utility of the Universal Pickle


Universal Pickle’s app provides a unique incentive to draw users to UPL over other cryptocurrency projects. The app will offer holders unique opportunities for discounts and offers at businesses, such as grocery store chains and hotels. The Universal Pickle project is about creating something that people want to be a part of. It’s not just another cryptocurrency that people can buy into to make money — it’s a movement that will transform the way people think about decentralized finance.


The developers of Universal Pickle are going to remain anonymous until the point at which they feel it makes sense for the project. Even so, their project was designed with a strong sense of community at its heart, as community involvement is paramount to the success of any crypto project. The development team values the input of its community’s members, holding polls and discussions about major decisions to determine what is in the best interest of the project and its users alike.


Promoting growth of the Universal Pickle


The Universal Pickle project was created using a hyper-deflationary model. Every transaction conducted using $UPL is subject to a 12% fee that is used to help sustain the project. Of that fee, 2% is devoted to tokens that will be burned and permanently removed from the availability pool, creating a scarcity that allows the token to continue appreciating in value. Even when the demand for the token increases, the limited supply will ensure that the price continues to increase over time.


Additionally, the reflection reward associated with the Universal Pickle token encourages purchasers to hold onto their tokens — rather than to sell or trade them — as another 4% of the project’s transaction fees enter its reward pool. This part of the smart contract supports and gives back to the project’s community, encouraging the flow of tokens from one account to another. This, in turn, creates an ecosystem that provides benefits and value to its users while remaining sustainable in the long run.


Universal Pickle also has anti-whale precautions, which makes it very different from other decentralized finance projects. Any transaction to sell, buy, or trade that amounts to more than 3% of the total supply will be rejected, and a single wallet cannot hold more than 3% of the total supply, preventing any one user from becoming a “whale.” These whales are notorious for snatching up the supply of tokens and dumping them for their profit. With these precautions, Universal Pickle’s system ensures that each user has a fair chance to participate in the project. 


The developers of Universal Pickle are also working on launching the METAPICKLE NFT, which is currently in the presale stage as part of the SANDBOX metaverse. Like the Universal Pickle token itself, the METAPICKLE will offer some unique perks to its holders such as exclusive merch, whitelisted $UPL and $BPL wallets, and Tesla giveaways, depending on which tier of the NFT you buy into. This creates more use cases and utilities for the project.


Universal Pickle is one of the few genuinely unique offerings to ever hit the crypto market; one saturated with projects that all ultimately serve the same digital purpose. It is far past time that one comes along to challenge what people think they know about cryptocurrency. With a unique connection to the food industry and a smart contract set up to sustain the ecosystem, the Universal Pickle project is a delicious addition to the crypto market. Like the fermented vegetables that gave it its name, it is a project designed not for short-term profits, but one for long-term preservation.

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