The unique features of SynthiumHealth blockchain healthcare supply chain

Synthium Health is a cost-effective supply chain platform tailored exclusively for the health system. Dubbed by some as the Alibaba of the health industry, this digital commerce platform is a consolidated health care marketplace that resolves the resource limitations of medical transactions. It will simply make it easy to search, buy and sell healthcare products more efficiently so the rate at which patients receive prompt treatment is sped up. The entire system is automated and transactions are performed directly without the interference of third parties. It is based in the USA.

The Synthium Health Platform (SHP) token is what will be utilized in the upcoming ICO. Membership status and online transactions will be accessible with SHP. The company seeks to keep the ICO as flexible as possible, accepting currencies of ETH, BTC, LTC, and USD for token purchase.

Features and services

  • An automated networking platform that fills in the gaps in the medical supply chain. The general costs of medical supply transactions are reduced because factors like transportation, communication, billing, sale records, shipping and inventory management are circumvented. These are all covered on the platform.
  • Advanced tech features such as surgical management, data analysis, communication tools and 3D printing. These features will benefit the healthcare providers, suppliers as well as the patients.
  • Highly secured and transparent payment platform secured by blockchain protocols.
  • Integration of members’ e-commerce sites with ERP and CRM systems.
  • Just-in-time delivery of medical supplies to hospitals, clinics, surgical centers and so on.
  • Like most cryptocurrency based trading platforms, Synthium Health will be available on a global scale. This is evident in the use of the SHP token which will be less rigid than restricting services to a singular fiat currency.

Problems solved

  • Security and transparency issues of transactions between hospitals and manufacturers.
  • Lowers the cost of basic healthcare for patients such as pharmaceuticals, surgical implants, and portable medical devices.
  • Simplifies the complicated health care market by streamlining the link between healthcare providers and goods suppliers sans the rigorous network of middlemen.

What makes Synthium Health unique?

  • It is a blockchain-based network with a team of competent personnel with years of experience in the field of healthcare.
  • Increased brand recognition for manufacturers.
  • The operating model of the platform makes it so that it is not affected by fluctuations in market demand. Instead, it adjusts to suit the needs of the suppliers and providers.
  • Regular product visibility and updates.
  • There is guaranteed trust between all parties involved in each transaction. Therefore, long-standing business relationships are built based on authenticity.
  • It is the very first decentralized healthcare supply chain.
  • Its reductive effect on the price of health products will make medical/surgical supplies more affordable.
  • The system offers little or no risk of health professionals coming in contact with fraudulent suppliers or counterfeit health products. This will ensure the safety of the patient and more return on investment for manufacturers and providers alike.
  • Members will have access to manufacturers from all over the world.

When compared to other cryptocurrency platforms, Synthium Health stands out as the system with the most impactful and innovative cause. It is the first of its kind to fill in concerning, yet often overlooked gaps in the medical industry.


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