The undead invade the blockchain! Epidemic coin

Undead Horizon has emerged as a formidable force in the ever-evolving landscape of online multiplayer gaming, seamlessly fusing the intensity of zombie battles with the strategic thrill of player-versus-player combat. A killer (quite literally) storyline unveils the origin of the zombie outbreak and the vital role of Epidemic Coin–the game’s exclusive in-game currency.

This exhaustive P2E(Play-to-Earn) experience immerses players in heart-pounding catastrophic scenarios and opens the doors to a realm of financial opportunity for competitors through the roaring cryptocurrency market.

Undead Horizon positions itself as a potentially lucrative investment. The grappling game offers a crypto bull market speculating the Epidemic Coin to reach the significant milestone of $1 by the year’s end.

To gain in-game rewards, Undead Horizon urges the players to respond to the Call to Arms and eliminate zombies! Players of Undead Horizon can kill zombies and earn every day by using Weapon Loadout NFTs. Gamers can participate in daily leaderboards and challenges to gain epidemic coins. These coins can then be exchanged for certain cryptocurrencies or used to buy exclusive and valuable in-game gear and weapons. In this digital renaissance, players will also acquire Standard Epidemic Coins, enabling them to level up their weapons and develop equity in the things they control.

Undead Horizon is built using Layer 1 blockchain networks Ethereum and is designed to be played on IOS, Android, and PC, providing an incredible cross-platform experience. Players build their online community worldwide by diving into the exhilarating battle zone to combat nerve-wracking zombies. The best part, it doesn’t require players to invest anything! Gamers can start the rendezvous and expand their territory by adding limited-edition armour and weaponry as they buy lucrative NFTs.

What’s a Blockchain Game?

Games based on blockchain have two key aspects. The first has already been discussed: using

non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the games or integrating cryptocurrencies for in-game purchases. With NFTs, players can possess exclusive in-game items to exchange with other players or move between platforms.

For gamers, blockchain is creating an entirely new universe of opportunities. They can become even more engrossed in the games they play, and many of them can even make money from a leisure hobby.

There is a downside, too! Cheats can be almost eliminated, and blockchain technology can monitor player progress. It may be the end of the day for malicious players to hack in extra skills or unlock higher levels.

Satiate The Gaming Needs with Zombies on Board

In the era of online gaming, the plethora of available games makes it overwhelming for the players to choose from. Once you navigate your choice of game type, you must investigate the following factors that make a game the coolest.

Active Development

A game is for fun and the factor must be first and foremost considered. The zombie battling game offers an adrenaline rush as players face daunting challenges to either wage a war against the undead enemy or combat among themselves.


The general organization of the game’s cryptocurrency is crucial. Players who solely prioritize short-term profit through tokenomics are vulnerable to losing money almost instantly. Tokenomics is a feature that Undead Horizon uses. It features a high-quality blockchain game that enables the game to expand and attract new participants.

Do You Team Up against the Undead?

The sweeping game brings you an exhilarating experience where players have two choices:

  • Join forces against legions of zombies.

Players unite forces to battle relentless zombie hordes. Collaboration becomes the key to survival as the players form alliances to withstand the onslaught zombie apocalypse.

  • Combat with other player(s).

Alternatively, players with a knack for seeking a challenge can fight against other players. PvP (Player-to-Player) melee exhilarates the apprehension and competition for survival of the fittest. How does this P2E Work?

The gameplay of Undead Horizon incorporates cryptocurrency extensively. Epidemic Coin, a special in-game money, is earned by players through gameplay and tournament participation. Obtaining uncommon weapons and character skins with Epidemic Coin enhances the gaming experience. In addition, players can armour their characters with strong weapon NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that can be dealt more damage, accuracy, and ammunition.

How Does the Epidemic Coin Work?

Players can earn epidemic coins by competing in missions, claiming victory, or discovering valuable assets. This in-game currency becomes a transaction and trade mode among players. A comprehensive trading system enables players to employ Epidemic Coins for exchanging weapons, gear, and other valuable items. A fluid economy surfaces within the game world by supply and demand.

What Makes Undead Horizon so Cool?

Take a look at some of the unique features of Undead Horizon. Battle with Friends

Engage in a ceaseless wave of zombie combat.

Cooperative missions force players to compete together. This could be looking through deserted locations, gathering valued commodities, or placing a bounty on someone.

Defend Yourself Against the Rare Undead

Zombies in this game are like never seen before! Players slay a roaring outbreak of zombies, each unique in its own skin (or no skin). The element of surprise with various traits and weaknesses of different zombies keeps the players on their toes. Some may be snapping, while others may entail more severe risks.

Earn Through Community Events

Players are offered special rewards, leaderboards, and rare in-game valuables as they engage in recurring community events and challenges. These events create an exhilarating atmosphere within the game.

Assemble Armaments and Shelters

Deck out your player with mighty weaponry NFTs and upgrade them to deal more damage, hold more ammunition, and shoot more accurately.

Build and customize your refuge by reinforcing walls, framing defence posts, and wisely utilizing resources.

It’s Secure, It’s Cryptographed!

You are the sole owner of your hard-earned assets. The riveting game utilizes blockchain technology in the bull market, cryptographically securing the in-game items and Epidemic Coins. You control what you own!

Word of Wisdom

Nothing beats the thrill of competing in a dark, zombie-infested world that is an equally remunerative being in the bull market, potentially to reach $1 by year-end.

Players who choose to enter the exhilarating presale will see a considerable price upheaval.

This upsurge primarily occurs for being in the bull market as the designers of the crypto coin on a top tier 1 exchange. It’s a total win-win!

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