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The Umoh Foundation: A Virtual Family Mediation Center

The Umoh Foundation: A Virtual Family Mediation Center

Divorce is a big decision to make and includes emotional and mental turmoil with financial restraints and lots of other concerns. Such a situation becomes worse for couples who don’t have the $10,000 budget to pay for the run of the mill divorce lawyer.

These parties will have to undergo the burdensome process of divorce, child support, child custody and alimony issues all alone without any aid. This can lead to depressing situations affecting their family’s livelihood.

EJ Umoh believes that families should have the ability to resolve family law related issues without going to court. EJ is the founder and Director of Operations of this organization which stands apart from mediation agencies because this is a virtual, black-owned business.

Let’s talk in detail about the foundation and its founder.

The Umoh Foundation

The primary objective of this organization is “to assist families in conflict through dispute resolution” This is a much better alternative than litigation in the sense that they are a 501(c)(3) non-profit that are providing services to enhance the community and not for monetary gain.

Through mediation sessions, families can meet and talk about the issues that need to be resolved, including child custody, alimony, and child-support to name a few.

Mediation sessions are conducted by an impartial third party that help both parties reach a long lasting and mutually beneficial conclusion.

Thus in this way, The Umoh Foundation is working for the families that are in immediate need of mediation sessions to help them with their divorce or family related issues.

EJ Umoh: Founder Of The Foundation

Such brilliant organization can only be the work of a genius yet kind-hearted person who is able to think about others first.

The organization was founded by EJ Umoh, a certified divorce mediator who, on a daily basis, sees families that are in conflict and need help.

Talking about his personal life, a first generation American who was raised in Delaware by a single mother and has 4 brothers.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Political Science from Kutztown University. Not only was he a diligent student throughout his educational journey, but he was also a dual-athlete.

EJ played Football as a Defensive End and was a fundamental member in helping the 2018 team finish the regular season 9-1 which birthed a bid in the Division 2 National Football Playoffs. He also competed and was a captain in the Track and Field Team where he won the Atlantic Region championship and PSAC Conference championship in the weight throw for the winter of 2018-19 season. EJ is ranked 3rd all-time in school history for the weight throw. He also earned the Dean’s List in the Spring of 2019.

Thus we can say that EJ Umoh is a man of honor who has proved his potential in every aspect.

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