The Ultimate Utility E-Bike You Will Ever Need: The Fiido T1

Fiido T1 Ebike

Electric bikes are synonymous with urban movement. Small, yet powerful, these e-bikes carry an image of a modern person who is conscious of the environment, tired of the traffic-logged city and just wants a cheap alternative to owning a full sized vehicle.

However, what if you want more than that? Normal e-bikes cannot provide the utility you need if you prefer off-road travels or just want to go on a long trip and carry around stuff like your camping equipment.

Fiido T1: Multi Role E-Bike

The answer to this is the T1 by Fiido. A multi utility e-bike that is designed for rugged use along with the capacity to carry weight. Be it your weekend getaway in the mountains, daily commute to the office or you just want to go for your weekly grocery shopping. The Fiido T1 is the ultimate answer to all your e-bike needs.

Power Delivery

A powerful e-bike to haul all the weight needs a powerful motor. The T1 comes with a standard 750W brushless motor that delivers an astounding 669Nm of torque, allowing you to pull as much as 200KGs of weight (up to 120KG for the seat and 80KG for the rear rack).

The motor is powered by a 960Wh dense battery pack that lets you pull all the weight for up to 100KM of range as fast as 45KM/H. Use the pedal assist feature and combine your human power with the battery and motor to add in another 50KM of range.

Don’t worry about being stranded even if you run out of batteries. The 7-speed Shimano gear set reduces your pedaling effort, letting you traverse the concrete urban jungle or the hill track you always wanted to visit.

The Ultimate Utility E-Bike

Strong, Yet Light

Weighing at a comfortable 36KG, the T1 is light enough to maneuver, be it the streets or mud and dirt. The low weight is achieved by using the best aluminum alloy frame and the strength is ensured through a reinforced steel support within it. Tests by Fiido show that the frame is strong enough to withstand 300,000 vibration tests, a 3-fold increase than the industry standard.

The wheels on the T1 are also a piece of master engineering. Rather than opt for standard spoked wheels to reduce weight (which would otherwise compromise on the strength), the T1 comes equipped with a one-piece solid magnesium alloy wheel. This gives the wheel more strength than ever.

Rider’s Comfort

While rugged, durable, and able to withstand any terrain it is run on, the T1 also focuses on the comfort of the rider.

The T1 has an extra wide seat for those long and rough journeys, while providing extreme comfort when roaming within the city. The seat tube also comes with a shock absorber, so you do not feel all the bumps and jumps. The front fork has a long stroke suspension, giving respite to your hands and arms on those rough terrains.

Safety Must

The T1 comes with a range of features that are designed to assist and protect the rider, even in the worst of weather conditions.

The fat 20×4 inch tires have off-road treads, giving you the ground grip on rough terrain so you don’t slip. The tires also provide excellent road grip for all day use. The large and fat tires also absorb bumps and humps, providing a smooth ride on any surface.

The heavy use and weight hauling also means that you should be able to stop easily. The endurance tested hydraulic disk brakes provide heavy duty breaking for maximum stopping power.

The dual beam LED headlight is the perfect companion in the night or adverse weather. With both a low and a high beam, you can switch between the two for having a clear view in front of you or see long distance. At the same time, the digital display screen provides you with all the information you need such as speed and battery capacity. The high-contrast screen allows you to read the data easily, even in the harshest sunlight.

The T1 e-bike also comes with IP ratings. IP54 for dust and water for the whole bike, while the LED headlight is IP65 and the display is IP64. So it does not matter if you are in the sun or the rain, the T1 is going to work for you no matter what.

The T1 is truly an alternate to full sized vehicles that you need.


About Fiido

Launched in 2017, Fiido is a top class e-bike manufacturer that offers some of the most innovative designs in the e-bike market that have practicality, utility and aesthetics combined.

With over 350,000 units and parts sold till date, Fiido has a global presence and caters for a wide variety of e-bike and e-scooter enthusiasts with its 14 different products.

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