The Ultimate Tech Toolkit for a Freelancer


Struggling to find the ultimate tech toolkit for a freelancer? 

We understand that freelancing is not always sunshine and rainbows. From marketing to prospective clients to managing your own finances, successful freelancing requires you to wear many hats.

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of tools to help you amp up your game and grow your freelance business. 

Prospecting Tools


Prospero is a great tool for creating professional proposals and pricing out each project. It helps you to establish your rate, how long the project will take you, and the type of work you’re doing. Based on your answers, Prospero will help you create an ideal project proposal for your clients.

This tool is especially recommended for new freelancers who are just getting started. It covers branding and print proposals, as well as web and app design.

Project Management Tools

The frustration of mismanagement in the freelance workforce is real. Whether you’re running a freelance team or working on your own, project management tools play an essential role in staying on top of your projects.  

Here are our top picks for the best project management tools for freelancers.


Trello is a very popular project management tool that uses sequences on boards, tasks and lists to manage project outputs. 

The tool is great for collaborative working as tasks can be assigned to various team members and managed using calendar deadlines. 

Many freelance employers will use tools like Trello, Asana and other freelance management systems to engage with freelancers, so it is definitely worth getting up to speed on these platforms.

Marketing Tools

Even if marketing isn’t one of your service offerings to clients, these tools are great for growing your own brand as a freelancer. A good marketing strategy is essential for attracting new clients. 

Nowadays, social media and email communication are the key to reaching potential clients. We’ve picked out the best marketing tools for you below.


Boomerang is a helpful tool for staying on top of your email communication. Its winning feature is its ability to draft email responses to be sent at specific times. This is great if you work on weekends, but only want to schedule your work to be sent off during regular working hours.

Another great feature of Boomerang is that it tells you when clients have opened or read your emails. It also allows you to set up automated follow-up emails. 


Hootsuite is an excellent tool for automating your social media feeds. This scheduling tool allows you to post content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You are able to view multiple streams at once and track your customer interaction. 

If you combine Hootsuite with some creative visuals, you’ll build an amazing social media presence to attract customers.  


If you’re a freelance designer or freelance writer, it’s important to have a strong portfolio website. This allows you to showcase your best work to potential clients. While building a website might be costly and time-consuming, Behance is a great alternative for showcasing your work. 

Behance provides an ideal foundation for you to build your portfolio on. The platform boasts a large number of design and art enthusiasts. The large user community makes it easier to gain inspiration as well as a following.

Productivity Tools

Remote freelancing isn’t all about leisurely working in your pajamas. It’s about time management and trying to balance multiple projects at once. Time is one of your most valuable assets as a freelancer.

Here our favorite tools to help you beat procrastination and own your time.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is one of the best time-tracking tools out there. It helps you to manage your time effectively and keep track of your work hours on each task. It lets you create daily to-do lists and timesheets for your projects.

Time Doctor offers an excellent anti-distraction tool that helps you avoid getting side-tracked. Plus, it helps you generate accurate invoice information for your clients.


If you’re the type of person who is easily distracted by their social media feed, then this is the tool for you. StayFocusd is a Google Chrome extension that lets you put a limit on the time you spend on certain websites. 

This is a great tool for helping you ramp up your productivity game and focus on client work.

Finance Tools

Whether you like it or not, an important part of freelancing is taking care of your own finances. From managing your budgets to following up on late invoices, this often takes up a big chunk of your time. 

We’ve picked out the best finance tools for freelancers to make this part of your job a little easier.


Mint is a high-quality app that lets you plan your budget and reduce unnecessary expenses. By linking the app to your bank accounts, Mint allows you to track all your income and expenses in one place. 

It gives you up-to-date information categorized in a clean interface. Plus, you get customized tips on how to save based on your current balance.

The app has an excellent privacy policy with millions of loyal users. It’s available for US and Canadian banks.  


Bonsai is a contract and invoicing software tool. This makes it easy for you to create contracts, review them with clients, and legally e-sign them. These fill-in-the-blank templates make the process a lot smoother for both you and your client.

Bonsai comes with an invoicing system compatible with Paypal, Stripe, and Coinbase. This software tool has everything you need in one spot.

Wave Accounting

Wave is another excellent accounting software tool. It helps you manage your income and expenses, allowing you to track your payroll, payments, and invoices with automation. 

Wave offers a mobile app that is easy to navigate on the go. You are able to instantly sync all your invoices, payrolls, and automated reports. As an added bonus, it supports currencies from over 180 countries.

Final Thoughts

While being a freelancer comes with a lot of freedom, it’s often tough to balance your work and free time. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing tools out there to help you manage your freelance lifestyle.

The more you use your tech toolkit to your advantage, the more time you’ll have to spend on other important things in your life. 

Let us know if you have thoughts or suggestions in the comment section to help out your fellow freelancers!

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