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The Ultimate Strategy Games With Low Requirements

The Best Strategy Games for Weaker Gear

A fact: you don’t need to buy expensive gear to have fun gaming. Do you know what else is a fact? Our article presents the best strategy games still available for less powerful computers. Read it. Enjoy!

An old fantasy strategy game

PC gaming has a lot to offer in terms of strategic fantasy games. One such game is a true legend indeed: Heroes of Might and Magic III. It has tour-based gameplay with multiple creatures to manage and castles to take from enemies. The charm of this title comes from its simplicity. Players really don’t have to deal with too much in order to have a good time. It all comes down to their wit and character, really. During a tour, one doesn’t have to spend a lot of time on upgrades or customization. It’s more important to predict enemy moves instead. Making plans against them is also very engaging. And what about the battle?

Every class has a different set of creatures to breed and use on the battlefield. Some of them are true monsters, like the ancient behemoth. Others are more girly, so to speak, like a unicorn. Don’t be deceived, though. These horses can do a lot of damage when managed properly. But a stronger sorcerer might hit them back with vengeance. And that makes Heroes III perhaps the ultimate tactics game ever. Compare it to others if you want. Just click here:

The best civ-building game

Some of the very best strategy games focus more on politics than battle. The Sid Meier’s Civilization series is a well-established strategy proposal for both adults and kids. Although a world war can explode all of a sudden, it can also be avoided with trade or diplomatic solutions. The main core of the series doesn’t vary that much from game to game. The latest title, Civilization VI, offers some changes, though. They add more depth and more strategic opportunities to build a better civ.

Ah yes, the civs… There are no fictional kingdoms in this game. Every single option is based on an authentic civilization with an authentic historic figure to rule it. The series explores the real advantages each of them can have. The Babylonian empire, for example, is represented by the wise king Hammurabi with a Sabum Kibittum as a war unit unique to this particular civ. The same can be said about policies and abilities, like unlocking new technologies sooner than others. The variety of empires is vast. Even in the previous game, Civilization V, which was released in 2012. Therefore, it doesn’t have demanding tech requirements. Want to try it? Be careful, though. You might fall in love.

The best strategy games focused on war

Total War: Warhammer II. It is present on every strategy games list worth reading. It is a worthy replacement for the Heroes of Might and Magic. Real-time turn-based battles on a huge map, complex armies with characteristics unique to particular factions, and the exploration of ruins. All of that and more, covered in the ever-growing smoke of war.

The best strategy games list should also include Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. The crown jewel of RTS games, some call it. A World War II alternative gameplay with peculiar units, excellent campaign design, and memorable cut scenes. What’s not to like? Although Warhammer II is more modern and has bigger technical requirements, the Red Alert 2 is a game that’s almost 25 years old. And it still hits the jack pot. It’s definitely worth the time to play it.


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