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The Ultimate Lead Database To Get Leads In 2024

Lead generation is a crucial part of any successful business. After all, leads are potential customers that can eventually turn into revenue. One effective way many companies generate leads is through lead databases. But what exactly are lead databases, and how can they help grow your business?

What is a Lead Database?

A lead database is a collection of contact information and other details about potential customers or clients. This usually includes names, phone numbers, emails, addresses, company names, and more. Lead databases allow businesses to find and target specific prospects that are more likely to need their products or services.

Lead databases are typically compiled from a variety of public and private sources. For example, companies may purchase lead lists from industry databases or use tools to scrape contact information from websites and social media platforms. The leads can then be categorized by criteria like location, industry, job title, and interests.

Benefits of Using a Lead Database

There are many advantages to tapping into lead databases as part of your customer acquisition strategy:

  • Targeted outreach: Lead databases make it easy to identify and connect with prospects who are already interested in or in need of your offerings. Outreach can be more personalized and have higher conversion rates.
  • Faster growth: With access to large volumes of leads in your target market, you can grow your customer base quickly and efficiently. Lead databases scale lead generation efforts.
  • Higher ROI: Following up on pre-qualified leads from databases is likely to yield higher ROI compared to cold outreach. The costs associated with generating and acquiring leads from databases can pay for themselves in closed sales.
  • Flexible segmentation: Extensive filters allow you to slice and dice lead data to drill down to your ideal customer profiles. You only pay for and target the leads you want.

In summary, maintaining a lead database provides a go-to resource for sales and marketing teams to connect with relevant prospects. Now let’s look at some popular lead database platforms.


Comparing Lead Database Platforms

Many lead-generation tools and database services have emerged to match the demand for sales leads. Here is an overview of some of the top players in the space and how they stack up: takes a unique approach by scraping targeted leads from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Maps etc. and even real estate listings. It offers an extensive collection of contacts extracted from these multiple sources.

As you can see, while traditional lead databases access public records and company directories, stands out by tapping into the trove of profiles and engagement data across social media and the web. Now let’s dive deeper into how it works.


One of the most well-known lead databases, Lead411 boasts over 30 million business contacts across all industries. Users can filter leads by company size, revenue, location, and other useful criteria. However, Lead411 requires a paid subscription and focuses mainly on the US market. by Salesforce is another large database of over 240 million contacts globally. It integrates directly with Salesforce CRM to enable automated lead enrichment and cleaning. On the downside, is one of the pricier options aimed primarily at enterprise customers.


LeadIQ is a Chrome extension that lets you find email addresses and contact info right on LinkedIn profiles. This can be helpful for connecting with individuals at targeted companies. But LeadIQ is limited to LinkedIn only and depends on having a paid LinkedIn Recruiter account.


RocketReach scans numerous sources to find and verify email addresses for business contacts. It also provides additional helpful data like full names, positions, and social media profiles. However, RocketReach lacks broader firmographic filters to segment leads.

An Introduction to is an emerging lead database service that extracts professional contacts found on Instagram. Launched in 2021, it aims to help small businesses, marketers, sales teams, recruiters, and entrepreneurs supercharge their lead-generation efforts.

Lead databases might seem like “old school” technology, but proves they can innovate too. The platform provides a next-gen solution for compiling targeted, high-quality leads from multiple social media platforms.

Key Features and Benefits

So what makes different from other lead databases out there? Here are some of its standout features:

  • Non-coded platform – does not require any coding or technical skills. The web interface is intuitive and user-friendly.
  • No login required – You don’t need a social media account or have to log in to your account. handles scraping behind the scenes.
  • Scalable scraping – can extract thousands of leads per day without proxies or risk of blocks. The more you run searches, the more leads you get.
  • Custom lead profiles – Leads include full name, username, bio, website URL, and public email if available. Download results as CSV files.
  • Targeted filtering – Search by keywords, hashtags, locations, and other filters for laser-focused lead mining.
  • Affordable pricing – offers cost-effective pricing plans to fit any budget. Pay only for the leads you extract and download.

By leveraging various social media platforms, websites, and other public sources, opens up an expansive new universe of prospects. But it gets even better…

Scraping Leads Without Limits

The game-changing advantage to is its ability to extract leads at scale quickly from multiple sources without proxies or logins. Platforms like Instagram deliberately make mass scraping challenging to prevent abuse.

Many tools resort to proxies or automation apps to bypass limits. But proxies are slow, unreliable, and carry the risk of IP bans. Automation tools require logging into accounts which breaks terms of service.’s proprietary scraping technology avoids these issues entirely. The process is secure, and stealthy, and maximizes results across social media, websites, and real estate listings. Some key scraping features:

  • No proxies – Extract leads through residential IPs for smooth, fast scraping.
  • No logins – Crawls and scrapes securely without logging in to accounts.
  • No blocks – Strategic scraping raises no red flags so your IP stays in the clear.
  • White-label solution – Appears as organic traffic to platforms so they don’t detect scraping activity.

This means you can scrape thousands of leads per day without disruptions or limitations. Now let’s walk through how to use to build your lead lists.

A Step-by-Step Guide to

Finding and downloading targeted, quality leads is straightforward with Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up for an Account

First, you’ll need to go to and sign up for a free account. The signup process only takes a minute.

Once your account is created, you can pick a pricing plan. Options range from $49 per month for 10,000 lead credits to $199 per month for unlimited credits. You only pay for the contacts you extract.

  1. Run a Lead Search

Next, navigate to the lead extractor tool. This is where you’ll enter the search parameters to start scraping leads.

You can search by keywords, hashtags, locations, and other filters across the various platforms. For example, search “real estate agents Miami” or “CTOs at tech companies.”

The more targeted your inputs, the higher quality your leads. Make sure to test different queries.

  1. Download and Review Leads

After running a search, you’ll see a preview of the leads extracted. Then simply click “Download Leads” to get your full list of leads as a CSV file.

The downloads contain each lead’s profile details like name, username, website, bio,, and public email if available.

I recommend downloading smaller batches first to review and refine your search approach before running larger scrapes.

  1. Follow Up and Repeat

Now comes the most important part – following up on your leads! Upload the CSV into your CRM or outreach tool to start making connections.

The key is consistently mining multiple platforms and expanding your lead pipeline over time. Set up automated searches so fresh leads flow in each week or month.

Following this process with makes lead generation almost foolproof. But let’s cover a couple of pro tips to maximize your success.

Pro Tips for Lead Mining with

Here are some expert tips and best practices for using to extract leads across social media, websites, and real estate listings:

  • Vary your search inputs – Test different keywords, hashtags, locations, etc. to find your best prospects on each platform.
  • Scrape daily – Run frequent, smaller searches for a steady stream of fresh leads rather than big, one-off scrapes.
  • Use filters wisely – Combine criteria like keywords, job titles, etc. to laser target the leads you want.
  • Personalize outreach – Reference lead details like bio, company, and interests to make your messages more relevant.
  • Review in batches – Download smaller lead samples to clean bad data before loading your entire list into a CRM.
  • Track performance – See which lead sources and types convert best so you can optimize your efforts.

The more tailored your process, the better results you’ll see. Now let’s discuss converting those leads into customers.

Turning Leads into Customers

Leads alone don’t generate revenue. To drive growth, you need to turn those leads into paying customers. Here are some tips for converting leads:

  • Personalize outreach using lead details to show you did research on them. Builds trust.
  • Provide value upfront like free tools/tips instead of making prospects jump through hoops.
  • Nurture leads via email, social, and ads if they aren’t sales-ready yet. Turn cold leads warm.
  • Verify info like emails and phones to avoid bad data hindering deliverability.
  • Use UTM tags and analytics to see which marketing channels/campaigns convert best.
  • Continually nurture past customers with content and promotions to facilitate upsells and renewals.

With the right follow-up strategy, can significantly grow your closed deals and revenue. Consistency is key.

Why You Should Choose

In lead generation, you have options for databases and tools. So why choose Let’s recap the key advantages:

  • Extracts targeted, high-quality leads – Multiple platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter provide engaged prospects in all niches.
  • Fast, unlimited scraping – Proprietary technology scrapes without limits across platforms.
  • No coding/technical skills required – The platform is intuitive and easy for anyone to use.
  • Cost-effective pricing – Budget-friendly monthly plans fit any size business. Pay only for the leads you use.
  • Reliable lead data – Leads include verified profiles, emails, bios, and other helpful details from social media and websites.
  • Multi-platform focus – Scrapes leads from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, real estate listings, and more.

For an always-on lead generation system, is hard to beat. You can get started in just minutes!


Get Scraping with

This covers how leading databases can drive business growth with a deep dive on The opportunity to turn social media and website profiles into quality leads is massive.

Many businesses are just starting to capitalize on these platforms for lead gen. By getting ahead of the curve with, you gain an advantage over competitors still limited to outdated databases.

Don’t wait – signing up and running your first searches takes less than 5 minutes. Keep searching consistently, follow up diligently, and watch your profits grow.

Check out to unlock the power of multi-platform lead mining today. Within hours, you can have a pipeline full of targeted prospects to connect with. makes effective lead generation simpler than ever.

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