The Ultimate Jira Software vs Aha Software Guide 2022


Jira software was founded 20 years ago which means that it has earned two decades of experience. Jira is a tool that is able to help you track bugs as well as manage products for an optimal success rate. Meanwhile, Aha software is a cloud-based tool that is trusted by over 5,000 companies for product development. This is a detailed summary of some of the best features of the Jira software vs Aha software as well as the demos and costs of each.

Jira Software

Since Jira is a one-stop shop for app development products, many businesses rely on it to maintain their productivity. The Jira tool has numerous features that are required on a daily basis:

Board Management

Agile visual boards play a significant role for users who are subscribed to the Jira tool. The Jira project management tool integrates tool:

  • Scrum
  • Kanban

Each performs a unique set of functions. For instance, the Scrum board is where you can turn large assignments into tasks. Your project becomes more manageable and you can even assign the tasks to your team. As a result, the teams that are working in sprints are able to ship the product faster.

In contrast, the Kanban board is helpful in creating workflows, automating them, checking for task dependencies, and keeping in touch with progress. The two agile boards come together to form a wide array of project management tools.


Keeping up with the context of the project strategy means that you can estimate and generate accurate results. Firstly, the roadmaps feature lets you execute a step-ladder strategy for projects rather than having to cope with an overwhelming number of tasks. You can define a hierarchy for tasks based on what ought to be prioritized.

The advanced roadmaps feature in Jira also equip the users with the ability to compare different roadmaps with each other to stay ahead of the developmental process. Once you have designed a system to be followed, you can easily track task dependencies too. You can avoid bottlenecks and eliminate time-consuming errors.

Reports and Insights

The Jira software is also quite useful for generating reports and insights about a project. Agile reports and dashboards can be utilized to make data-driven decisions and ensure the success of the projects. Therefore, you can rest assured that your plans are, indeed, delivering the promised value to your customers.

With insights present in the backlog, you can design predictable plans. The board view features also come in handy so you can stay aligned with the sprints. Similarly, delivery time insights and deployment frequency are two parts of the insights function that help you maximize the potential of the delivery pipeline.

Code and Deployment

It is quite simple to access repositories simply by adding the issue key in the branch name, commit, or PR. It will quickly add the updates within seconds too. There is also an issue development panel in Jira where you can view as well as create branches. It can, additionally, be used to either pull requests or to view commits.

It is not enough to just have a vision. Once you have decided to execute the plan, it is important that you keep up with the process. The DevOps visibility feature is where you can measure progress.

Jira Demo

The Jira demo is available upon request by filling in a form. The live demo is scheduled within two hours and it integrates a live Q&A to answer your queries and concerns. Moreover, you can access the Jira demo request for tips as well.

Jira Cost

The Jira cost has four subscription plans. The free plan has some of the most basic features that are required for project management and issue tracking. However, the standard plan is priced at $7.50 and the premium charges $14.50. The last option is listed for users who want enterprise-grade security and control features. The Jira cost of the enterprise plan is generated based on a simple form embedded within the website.

Aha Software

The Aha software plays a vital role in keeping up with work requests and ideas for product development. The following are the products that put Aha in the spotlight:

Aha Ideas

To execute the ideas, it is integral to have access to them too. When it comes to ideation, the crowdsourcing feature in the Aha software lets you create a centralized platform to generate feedback. First of all, the customers will be able to express their feelings with comments or votes. The in-app feedback widget brings the feature into focus and ensures that customers feel heard.

It is just as easy to determine which ideas you need to focus on. The forms can be organized and you can score the ideas based on their importance for further strategizing too. Aha knows how essential it is to stay engaged with the community. The empathy sessions will be useful in collecting qualitative as well as quantitative research. The in-app feedback forms are a wonderful method to stay connected to your community and its needs.

Aha Roadmaps

Another practical product that can streamline your mode of project execution is the roadmap. You can start working on a project by creating a strategic plan to determine where you’re headed. The roadmap features let you define the plan and initiatives for a controlled execution. Furthermore, you can decide which products to deliver first based on the feedback you receive. You can also determine the scope of other elements such as deliverables, capacity, and dependencies.

Aha Demo

The Aha demo can be scheduled through the form available on the website. Once you have filled in the form, you will receive a response within two hours and gain access to the demo.

Aha Cost

The Aha cost is based on the products and you can subscribe to either annual payments options or monthly costs.

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