The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Smell Fast & Forever

There are many DIY resources on removing the unwanted smells, but no one has ever explained the REAL way to get rid of the weed smell.

It’s not just about masking the odor, but instead, getting down and eliminating the weed smell for good so that you can feel comfortable in your home again.

Whether you’re looking for quick hacks or permanent solutions, our guide will give you the best advice on how to stop the smell of weed.

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What Causes the  Odor Problem in the Home

Plants has a distinct and somewhat strong odor. Some people call it skunky, while others adore it to the hilt. However, the stench is too strong to ignore, regardless of your thinking.

Terpenes, tiny volatile molecules produced by the cannabis plant, are the source of the odor. The fragrant part of the plant’s essential oils comprises these terpenes. They serve as natural deterrents to predators like insects and mammals. 

How to Get Rid of -Smelling Smoke in the Air?

You may more effectively remove the scent from your home by understanding the substances that cause it. For example, terpenes are present in all cannabis strains, even though each will have a distinct aroma.

You could find success with the natural remedies listed below for eliminating the smell of marijuana with car freshies and home fragrances:

Letting the windows open

This is a typical solution, combined with putting on a fan to remove the weed odor. That is, except if you’re attempting to do so while it is colder outside or pouring rain. Your home will undoubtedly feel fresher when you only smoke on lovely, bright days and open the windows to let in fresh air while ventilating the pot aromas.

Candle or incense burning

Candles made of beeswax or soy wax are seen as a safe approach to cover up the smell of marijuana because they don’t contain any chemicals. This also applies to incense, typically prepared from a mixture of resins, wood, bark, and flowers. When you smoke marijuana, burning candles and incense can assist in covering up and lessening the scent.

Removing debris from your home’s surfaces

Cleaning with natural materials, such as white vinegar, can diminish the amount of debris that accumulates on surfaces while eliminating the weed odor. In addition, cleaning is regarded as a healthy physical exercise in and of itself. 

This is particularly true if you clean up after each cannabis puff. However, you generally don’t want to do this several times every day.

Preparing hot foods, lightly overcooking popcorn or coffee beans

Some foods and aromas can effectively mask the odor of marijuana. The fragrance of slightly charred popcorn or coffee grounds can soon overpower any other scent in the room, and a fiery chili emits its distinct aroma. 

Adding a little baking soda

You may already be using sodium bicarbonate, a well-known natural odor-remover, in your refrigerator. By absorbing and retaining offensive scents, baking soda works. In addition, it has the advantage of being versatile; for added freshness, you can even sprinkle it on your carpet before vacuuming.

Even while baking soda can be highly good at eradicating aromas, you will occasionally need to replace old baking soda with new to keep the odors from returning.

Making use of smokers-specific goods

You may buy various goods designed expressly to eliminate marijuana odors in your house, including bags, containers, smoke-trapping tools, sprays, and air filters. Research is crucial if you choose to go this path. 

How did these items perform for users, and were they always effective? You can prevent spending your hard-earned money by looking for these and other answers.

What Is the Best Way to Deodorize a  Smoker’s Room?

You can employ any of the remedies above to eliminate the weed smell in your place. However, here are the two best ways that can reliably banish the strong scent of marijuana: 

Spray or Gel Air Freshener

Gelatin is a polymer; therefore, gel air fresheners may fragrance the air for a very long time. Collagen, a protein that creates a matrix-like structure and helps gelatin maintain its shape, is the specific polymer in concern. The aroma is kept inside the gel via the suspension of fragrance oil particles in the gel matrix.

Since gelatin is a polymer, gel air fresheners may smell the air for a long time. Collagen is the particular polymer that helps gelatin maintain its shape by forming a matrix-like structure. Due to the suspension of the fragrance oil particles in the gel’s matrix, the aroma remains contained.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusers containing essential oils have various positive psychological and physiological effects, from facilitating feelings of peace to enhancing deeper, more restful sleep. In addition, you may eliminate the pungent odor of weed by selecting a suitable kind of aroma diffuser and utilizing it correctly. There are a lot of essential oils you can diffuse and if you’re looking for a 100% natural oil that’s also perfect for sensitive skin, try Egyptian musk oil.

Can Weed Smell Be Removed From Clothes?

You are likely well aware of how weed can reduce tension and anxiety if you use it recreationally or for medical reasons. However, weed can also leave a distinct smell on your clothing that might not be appropriate in some circumstances.

The good news is that you may get rid of the cannabis odor on your clothes through several methods. First, you can hang the garments outside in the sunshine and fresh air if you’re in a hurry. Then, if you have more time, wash it with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, or white vinegar.


There is no better way to eliminate something than knowing where it comes from and understanding its nature. Cannabis has a distinct and somewhat strong odor that is too potent to ignore. However, the good thing is it can be eliminated either quickly or permanently with the tips we’ve provided.

Using a spray/gel air freshener or essential oil diffuser is two of the top tips to eliminate the cannabis odor. Always remember, if one method does not work, others might. So get down and eradicate the weed smell for good so you can feel comfortable in your home again.


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